Monday, July 15, 2013

Stream of Consciousness on a Monday Afternoon

So, I guess Google really meant business when it said that Google Reader was going away July 1.  Dangit!  Now I need to find some other way to organize my blog reading.  Blargh.

In other news, the kids are in daycare this summer and LOVING IT.  They've gone on an insane amount of field trips.  Seriously, I think they've done more activities this summer than in the past five summers combined.  So whatever guilty feelings I had about sending them to daycare have disappeared, which is nice for the self-esteem meter.

We are thinking about taking the kids to Disney World this winter.  I am totally excited and will probably get border-line obsessed with the planning process soon.  We probably won't tell them until Christmas, which is going to be extraordinarily difficult for me from a secret-keeping perspective.  Argh.  I hate secrets.  Actually, I love secrets, I just hate keeping them.  Wait, that's not true either.  I love hearing secrets and telling secrets.  I just hate that 'oh crap, I just told a secret' feeling you get after telling the secret.  PSA of the Day:  Don't tell me secrets.  I'm bad at keeping them.

There is a fly buzzing around my head right now and it is driving me slightly insane.  Just thought I would share.

I am feeling a strong urge to redecorate my house.  I went to a barbecue at a partner's house last night and their house was so cute.  I feel like my house has so much open space and blank walls.  I want to fill it up somehow, but am not sure how to do it without it looking like the art section at Bed, Bath & Beyond just threw up all over it.  Challenges. 

Why is it that when you want to kill a fly, they refuse to land anywhere?  So you end up waving the fly swatter around your head like a maniac hoping to swat it down mid-flight?  Gawd, why can't it just go fly around in the living room?  Why must it buzz about my head?


Anyway, that's it for today. 

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wonderchris said...

Electric Tennis Racket Bug Zapper - lifesaver...well, life-ender for the bugs, but lifesaver for me! :)

Sadia said...

Feedly's (sorta) working for me in the blog-following department. I haven't figured out how to make "Mark post as read" stick, though. :(

Katherine said...

We've been talking about taking our kids to Disney World in the next year or some. And while I like the idea of keeping it a secret, there is absolutely no way that would ever happen. Just can't do it.

Catherine said...

I've been using BlogLovin in place of Google reader. I tried Feedly, but couldn only get it to work on my iPad but not my desktop.

We surprised the boys w/a trip to Disney World for Christmas. They loved it other than some initial angst about leaving all the new toys they just got. :)