Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kindergarten Therapy

Aidan brought home his daily journal from kindergarten the other day.  Found this little gem from December.

(I've translated below in case you don't read kindergartener).

 photo Aidan.jpg

Ahem.  So I guess I'm mean AND wishy-washy.  And apparently crazy, since that looks like a pretty steep hill I let him go sledding down.

At least I gave him some hot chocolate afterwards.  I hope.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Vitamin Beach

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and found out I am deficient in Vitamin D.

She prescribed these:


Do you think I could talk her into prescribing this instead?

(Does health insurance cover beach vacations?  If not, I need to find myself a lobbyist, stat.)

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Recap

Easter was filled with candy, candy and more candy.  And that was just what I ate.  Seriously, I think I might have caught diabetes this weekend.  Next year, tell me not to buy so much, okay?  Same goes for Halloween.  And Valentine's Day.  And Fourth of July.  Dammit, I love candy, don't judge me!!!

Anyways, I stuffed the kids' Easter baskets full of goodies.  Aren't those pinwheels cute?  Ashley thought so, but Aidan and Owen decapitated them almost immediately and then plucked out the petals one by one.  They are now officially little boys, or else maybe serial killers.  Hard to tell.

 photo b16fe4ee-cd91-4d6b-ae8d-410806b0ecbd.jpg

We also dyed Easter eggs.  Only one was harmed in the process, so I call that a success (one of the eggs, not one of the kids).

 photo 8191b9be-de2b-4545-ba23-f30204fd503e.jpg

 photo 6a0ddb98-3fb5-4ce0-8a39-66681d20251e.jpg

We also had an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon with cousins Leo and Ellie.  Every year we hide 50 regular eggs and one "Golden Egg" (which some years is actually silver, but semantics).  Everyone but Aidan and Ellie have found the golden egg in years past, so the adults "encouraged" the other kids to BACK OFF and let one of them find it this time.  Ashley promptly declared that rule "no fair" while Ellie advocated for making the golden egg easy to find since she is - in her words - "not a good egg-finder."

But in the end, there could be only one winner - and it was Aidan!

 photo 0caad024-4919-4d2a-b7f8-4999c5a74cbc.jpg

OMG, he was so excited!  It was awesome he found it because he wanted to SO BAD.  The day before he was all moaning and groaning about it - apparently finding the golden egg is massive pressure for a kindergartner.   Ellie was a super good sport about it, which was awesome too.  (I have a feeling I know who's going to be finding the golden egg next year, if you want to place your bets now.)

Owen also had an awesome time hunting.

 photo 0913ce13-77fc-40e8-9bfe-f652442422dc.jpg

As did Ashley.

 photo 28758e06-822d-4a09-a8f4-d7fa19aa5a5c.jpg

She found all of her eggs pretty quickly and then just trash talked the others while standing next to unfound eggs.  "Are you serious right now?"  "You have GOT to be kidding me!"  "You are looking right at it!"  Hmmm, no wonder Aidan was feeling the pressure.  Find the golden egg, or face public shaming by Miss Ashley Belle.

My sister-in-law Jen also made this awesome bunny cake!  Isn't it cute?  It was delicious, too.

 photo 8cf88488-544b-4b44-b333-bbe6f313efa1.jpg

She is now officially in charge of all dessert-making for future family get-togethers.  I will maintain my position of wine purchaser / taster.   It is a difficult job but somebody has to do it.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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