Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Need a Hobby Besides Watching Reality TV

SO.  Does anyone watch Kim and Kourney Take Miami??  I watch it....occasionally.  Okay, like every week.  Although don't tell me what happened on this week's, I have to catch it later once the children are in bed and Scott is off doing who knows what in the garage and/or basement.

BUT...last week's episode.  What the wha!?  I was getting my hair done last week and my hairdresser gave me a heads up that it was a doozy of an episode, but I was still unprepared for the craziness of the Kardashians.  To recap - Kim and Kourtney were competing about everything, like who was the better suitcase packer, and who was the fastest runner, etc.  And THEN - they decided to have a contest about which of their hoo ha's SMELLED better.  Sister Khloe acted as judge.  (Kim won.  Of course.)


Yes, that really happened on TV.  Speaking of hoo-ha's, that reminds me of a story from when I was pregnant with the twins.  It was a really rough pregnancy what with the TTTS and all, so I had to see a perinatologist.  He was great - I loved him.  But he was insanely busy and it was not uncommon to have to wait for 1.5+ hours in the waiting room before finally getting to see him for an appointment.  I remember one time I had been waiting for FOREVER.  When I finally got in I said "Hi, Dr. X, how's it going?"  And he replied, I SWEAR TO GOD, with "Good!  Sorry I'm so late, just dealing with a lot of hoo ha today."

I ABOUT DIED.  Perinatologist - lotta hoo-ha - LITERALLY death was imminent.  I'm pretty sure he was going for the more standard definition of "hoo ha", but we all know where my mind went.

And while I'm on this stream of consciousness tangent (which, hello, welcome back to blogging with a post about lady-parts!  Hi mom!), I have to tell another story about the HVAC man who came to our house this week to check on the furnace.  He gave it a once over, and then came up to show me a part that needed replacing.  Since I am very suspicious, I gave it a once-over and asked him how much it would cost.  It was only eight bucks, so I said go for it.  He said "That's good, you really need this part to keep your motor boatin'.  UH, I mean motor blowing!" 

Heh heh heh.  Motor boatin'.  On the pontoon!  Good times.

Anyway, that's all for today.  Tune in tomorrow for more stream of consciousness thoughts, like how Girl Scout cookies are manna from the devil!!  Curse my neighbor's daughter and her talent for upselling!!!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I rarely watch TV...but when I do...I'm (almost) ashamed to say it's reality TV. ;) I can't trust myself to keep up with any kind of series, so switching on Teen Mom [after the kids AND hubby are in bed!] is my guilty pleasure.

My husband finally realized I was watching that, and he was mortified. :) Darn menu on the DVR gave me away as he was planning to record a soccer game.

Kmama said...

Hey you! How are you? It's been forever since I've been here. (sorry) I'm glad I clicked over because your post made me smile.

Jen said...

Oh those Kardashian girls... good Lord, I do not understand them. Never in all my life have I been that bored that I said, "you know what? I wonder who's vagina smells best, mine or my sister?"

Anyway, welcome back to blogging. :)