Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crafty Kid Time: Tissue Paper Wreaths

Ashley and I did a fun craft the other day that I thought I'd share with you all.  We made tissue paper wreaths and I think they turned out dang cute!

First, I cut up millions of squares of tissue paper.  Well, maybe not millions.  But it sure seemed like a lot.


Then, I took an ordinary paper plate and cut it like this...


So, when I opened it up it would look like this.


I know you are all super impressed right now. 

Then Ashley and I got to gluing.  We wrapped tissue paper around the end of a pencil...


Dipped it in glue...


And stuck it on the plate.


Lather, rinse, repeat, gluing the tissues as close together as you can.


By the time we were done, this is what Ashley's wreath looked like:


And this was mine.


We then hung them up in her bedroom window. Aren't they so pretty?


Ashley had so much fun making these, that she woke up the next morning and made another one! And Aidan and Owen joined in too. We are swimming in wreaths over here, people. Maybe I should sell them online.

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Laura said...

Super cute!!!

elana said...

love it!!

elana said...

love it!!

Kmama said...

I remember making wreaths like that back in school. You're bringing back memories. So cute.

Jen said...

So cute!!! My kids would love making these.

Jeanette said...

OOo so easy and fun. I think tissue paper from the dollar store would work, right? I'll bet my kiddos would love it.

wonderchris said...

Fun and quite fancy looking! Excellent work.

Katherine said...

I've made similar things, like pictures of trees covered in tissue paper. But I love the wreaths. I think we are going to do this.

Danae said...

I think we need to try that. Look at how crafty you are! :)

Amber said...

How fun! I remember making those back in the day. Like, waaay back in the day because I'm old. I don't ever remember mine being that pretty though!! I'll have to try it with Emersyn sometime :)

Cecilia said...

I love this! Will definitely be trying!