Friday, May 11, 2012

Country Time

Scotty and I went out on a DATE last night.  I know!  A mid-week date!  It's so scandalous.

First, we went and had dinner at this restaurant called Charleston's.  I got this amazing salad - fried chicken and avocado and tomatoes and bacon and hard boiled eggs with a champagne vinaigrette dressing.  (Sidenote:  Thank God for spellcheck.  You should see how I butchered my first attempt at spelling "vinaigrette" up there.  Actually, it's good you can't see, because you might try to take my law degree away.)

I also had a glass of wine that was BIGGER THAN MY FACE.  Seriously - I made Scott take a picture.  It was that big.  Excuse my expression...I was trying to look sophisticated and had a massive face failure.


After dinner we went to the Miranda Lambert concert.  She is on Scotty's "list", if you know what I mean, so I tried not to be jealous.  But I shouldn't have worried, because by the end of the night she was on MY list!  She is so bad-ass.  Love her.


I danced and sang and Wooo!'d my little heart out.  She didn't sing "Me and Charlie Talking", but all my other faves were in there..."Heart Like Mine," "Only Prettier," "Dead Flowers" - ack!  I loved it.  I had so much fun.

Today I am extremely tired.  TGIF.



middle child said...

Love. Food. And liquor. What's not to like?

Katherine said...

A mid-week date!? I didn't even know there was such a thing.

mstudious said...

I love keeping up with your blogs. You look flawless my friend. Miss you xoxoxo

Barbara Manatee said...

not only a mid-week date but a concert, too!?! What are you two, 21??! Sounds like a great time!

Multiples Mom said...

That sounds like a fun date. The mother/daughter picture is really cute. Please consider linking to Multiples Monday on Capri + 3 which is open for a couple more hours tonight and then happens each Monday for blogs about multiples to add a new link to a recent or beloved post.
: 0 ) Theresa