Monday, March 19, 2012

Deep Thoughts with Ashley


SCENELast night, at dinner

Ashley:  Mommy.  I have a really, really good question for you.

Me:  What is it?

Ashley:  If my friend Brian only speaks Spanish, then why doesn't he live in China?

Me:  Um...

Ashley:  Oh, Mommy!  I have another really, really good question for you.

Me:  Okay.

Ashley:  Why do they call peas "peas"?  That's kind of a gross name.

Me:  Yeah.

(Still trying to figure out the first question.  Also - am I bad mom since I have no clue who Brian is?)



wonderchris said...

I love that Brian only speaks Spanish and lives in China. Brian is the coolest...well, Ashley is the coolest and Brian is just cool because they are friends. Cool by association. :)

wonderchris said...

Re-read, and Brian NEEDS to move to CHINA pronto!!! :D

Katherine said...

If I could answer half the questions my kids ask me, they would be beating down my door with my Mensa acceptance.

Barbara Manatee said...

hahaha!! Brian sounds very diverse!!

I had a student one year who told me he knew Spanish (his older sister was taking Spanish so I thought maybe he DID know some that he'd learned from her.) Well, he just started talking English in a bad Chinese accent... We could NOT keep a straight face! ha!