Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back on the Blogging Saddle

Boy, I think I need to nominate myself for the world's worst blogger award.  I am so behind - blah.  Oh well, I'm just gonna jump right in and do some bullet updates.  Gotta get back on that blogging saddle, one way or another!

  • Owen's Elbow:  His cast is off!  The orthopedist took it off at his appointment a couple of weeks ago, which totally took me by surprise.  I thought he'd have it on for at least another couple of weeks.  The doctor told me "Okay, now even though the cast is off, it still needs to heal some more, so that means no sports, no P.E., no playground equipment, no scooters or bikes or anything with wheels for the next thee weeks."  Um, hello.  He is a five year old BOY.  What the heck can he do?  Good lord, it's been a stressful few weeks.
  • Hunger Games:  I saw the movie on Saturday night.  I loved the books and was sooooo excited about the movie, but thought it was just kind of "meh."  I think it was because of Peeta.  I totally dug him in the books but all I could think about during the movie was how short he was.  Yes, I'm shallow.
  • Pinterest:  I joined and I loooooooove it!  Click on the little red "Follow Me on Pinterest" button over to the right there and follow me on it, will ya?  It's kind of like LTTMMSE revisited!
  • Work:  Crazy busy.  No shocker there.
  • House:  I've been working on decorating my house a little bit.  Putting up some shelves here and there, replacing artwork, etc.  It's coming along.  I keep meaning to do a post about it, but I haven't taken a photograph on my DSLR in forever.  Gotta get back in that groove.
  • Wedding Anniversary:  Scott and I are celebrating our 10 (!) year anniversary in August.  We're hoping to plan a trip to Hawaii to celebrate.  I have been perusing travel websites like a madwoman the past few days and can't wait to book something.
  • Family:  My little brother is pregnant!  Well, technically his wife is.  I can't wait to be an auntie again!
  • Speech Therapy:  Owen and Aidan are doing great in speech therapy.  The speech therapist thinks Aidan might not even need it at all next year in kindergarten, and Owen shouldn't need it for much longer.  So that is super exciting!  Plus it is nice that I can understand them so much better now.
  • Soccer:  Soccer started for all the kids.  They're all playing for the YMCA.  Ashley is in a first grade league with refs and goalies and everything.  It's crazy!  She ran her little heart out last week trying to keep up with everybody.  We need to teach her how to pace herself a little.  But dang, not to brag on my girl, but she is GOOD.  Her footwork and her hustle and whatever else you call it was great.  Clearly she did not get that from me since soccer and sports in general are not my friend.
  • Kindergarten Round-Up:  The boys had kindergarten round up a month or so ago.  I can't believe they will be in kindergarten next year!!  They're going to be in separate classes, and to be honest, it kinda rips my heart out a little.  I think it's for the best for them and I don't regret our decision to separate them, but they've just always been together so it's going to be hard to see them apart.  Sigh.  My baby boys.
  • Weather:  Holy crap, it has been SO FREAKING NICE out.  I can't believe what a mild winter it was and what a beautiful spring it's been so far.  Of course now I am jinxing it by talking about it.
Anyhoo, that's all I can think of for now.  Is there anything else I've been bad about updating on?  Is there anything else any of you want to know about?  If you have any questions on anything, please let me know!  I know I suck at follow-up.  I'm trying to figure out my blog groove thing - find the time to write, visit your blogs, how best to respond to comments, whether it's best to do email responses or just keep it all here on the blog.  I basically gave up trying to do it all a few months ago.  But I miss it, I miss your comments, I miss your blogs, I miss writing.  I just need to find my pace.  Hopefully you all will keep reading while I figure it out.  :-)



wonderchris said...

The torch for worst blogger can now be passed on to me! Woohoo!!! Love the update!! :)

Emily said...

So glad to read your updates! I'll keep reading - no fear! :)

Barbara Manatee said...

I think I'd ask the Dr to just put the cast back on! Yikes!! Good luck!

We are going to see Hunger Games this weekend...hoping to not be disappointed!

Pinterest! yeah!

So great that the boys are doing so good in Speech! My son was in OT/PT full time last year at this point and he's doing so good now that you'd be shocked to know he needed anything not that long ago!

My 2 will likely be split in Kdg next year too...we also agree its probably good but like you, it makes me sad to separate them...I mean, what's so bad about them being close!?!?

Danae said...

Glad to "see" you again! How exciting you are doing the "Pinterest" thang. It's so addicting though!

w said...

i enjoyed hunger games. except short peeta was bothering me a bit. yes, i'm shallow, too.

also. congrats on your 10 year!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I have missed you! Yay on all the kids' progress :)

Stephanie said...

That was my thought about HG to- I just kept thinking "This would be so much better if Peeta was hotter!"

Katherine said...

Hawaii for a 10 anniversary is way better than a trip to Omaha. But I fully intend to make it to Hawaii soon.

I totally didn't care about Peeta being short. I adored Hunger Games.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

10 years!!! That is awesome! Congrats and enjoy Hawaii. We loved it on our honeymoon...Kauai is awesome as well as the bike ride down the volcano on Maui...awesome.

I probably would have focused on the height thing too. Peeta seems a bit on the small side from the books, but I'm hoping not too short!

The news about the speech is incredible!!!

travis said...

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