Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nightmare on Aidan Street

I walked into the boys' bedroom the other morning to find Owen fast asleep in his bed and Aidan sitting sadly on the floor.

Me:  What's wrong, buddy?

Aidan:  I had a bad dream.

Me:  What did you dream about?

Aidan:  You and daddy went away to college and I missed you.


God, I love this kid. 


A said...


wonderchris said...

Adorable...the story and the pic. :)

Salt in Suburbia said...

Love the pic!

Katherine said...

My boys have started saying they don't want to go to college, because then they will be lonely. And sometimes I think how cute this is. And sometimes I think, oh please, let's not have failure to launch.

Katherine said...

I actually have a reoccurring dream that I go to college and can't be with my kids... it's awful!