Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Elbow Update

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Thank you all SO much for your well wishes for Owen. He is doing so much better. He's not on any medicine for pain anymore and was back to his spunky little self for the first time today.

He and I are still bunking up together at night until I'm confident he can get through the night without needing me to adjust his arm, help him sit up, etc. We've been having the cutest pillow talk.

Tonight he told me that he had asked God to take away his broken arm but that God wasn't listening to him and that made him want to cry. Oh, my heart. How do you explain God and free will to a 5 year old little boy with a broken elbow? I tried and surely failed.

Some of you have asked how Aidan is handling all this. He's been a great sport and is super happy to have his best bud at home again. On Saturday morning before Owen's surgery, I called home so Owen could talk to Aidan. When Owen heard Aidan's voice, it was the first time I'd seen him smile since he fell the night before. Owen told Aidan that he had bandaids on both hands (the cast on one and the IV on the other) and Aidan told Owen all about how my dad couldn't figure out how to turn on the vacuum at the house that morning. It was adorable to hear them chit chat.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now. It has been a nightmare few days but we're starting to come through it. Now if I could just shake this cold and cough, life would definitely feel manageable again.


Sunday, February 12, 2012


This has been the weekend from hell.

Owen fell off his bed Friday night and broke his elbow. After a trip to urgent care, an x-ray, a temporary cast, a drive to the ER with me cradling him in my lap in the backseat, a consult from an orthopedic surgeon, a blown IV line, a second temporary cast, and me holding my precious baby boy at 1:00 in the morning under the harsh bright lights of an ER exam room while he sobbed that he just wanted to go home - a decision was made to admit him and operate in the morning to insert pins to put his elbow back together.

I think he might be the bravest boy in the entire world.

I was up every 1/2 hour with him in his room that night, moving him from hospital bed to chair and back, just trying to find some place where he could get comfortable enough to sleep. I gave up on sleep for myself at 6 a.m. My cell phone had long since died, I had nothing with me but my empty purse and the clothes on my back, I didn't dare turn on the tv or leave him for a moment. So I just stared at my baby for the next few hours until my mom came to sit with me.

Did I mention Scott was out of town at his grandma's funeral?

I ran on pure adrenaline the next morning. I held it together until they wheeled him away from me to the OR. The anesthesiologist had given him a sedative so he was pretty loopy when he left my sight which I hope made it easier for him. I lost it. Thank God for my mom, she got me through the next hour while he was in surgery.

They put 3 pins in his elbow during the surgery, and then did a split cast on his arm to allow for swelling. Scott made it to the hospital a couple hours after the surgery, after driving 8 hours in the snow and wind after just driving 8 hours the day before, missing his grandma's funeral to be with his son. What a choice.

They let us leave at 6:00 that night. You could see the relief in Owen's face when he realized he was finally going to go home and no one was going to poke or stick him with anything anymore.

He and I slept in my bed and didn't get up this morning until 10 a.m. We were up for a couple hours, then I started feeling terrible. Ashley took my temperature just to be cute, and I realized I had a 102 degree fever.

I'm feeling better now. The fever broke after a few hours and some more sleep, so I'm not sure if I picked something up at the hospital, or if my body was just trying to deal with the lack of sleep and adrenaline and stress. I also can barely walk. I think I pulled various muscles carrying and lifting and moving Owen, so I'm kind of a wreck right now.

He is doing so much better. His pain is way better, and we are just doing motrin now for pain control. He's cuddled up in bed with me right now snoring holding the stuffed giraffe I bought him in the gift shop while trying to stay sane during his surgery. We go back to the orthopedist in a week to do the full cast once his swelling has gone down. Then he'll have the cast on for 4-6 weeks, and then they'll take out the pins. I find it so relieving that the pins are temporary. The thought of my perfect little baby boy having permanent metal in his body totally upset me, so I felt so much better when I found out they are temporary.

Ugh. There is just nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain. Nothing.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nightmare on Aidan Street

I walked into the boys' bedroom the other morning to find Owen fast asleep in his bed and Aidan sitting sadly on the floor.

Me:  What's wrong, buddy?

Aidan:  I had a bad dream.

Me:  What did you dream about?

Aidan:  You and daddy went away to college and I missed you.


God, I love this kid.