Tuesday, December 20, 2011

36 Things: The Finale

Well, my birthday was on Sunday. Scott and I went out to celebrate on Saturday night and just had a disaster evening. I wanted to go out to dinner in this quaint part of town called the Old Market and then go see this movie I've been dying to see - Melancholia - at the arty movie theater downtown.


Apparently everyone, their brothers, their sisters, their mothers, their fathers, their in-laws, their third cousins once removed, their college roommates, their old girl scout leaders and everyone else within a 50 mile radius of my city decided to go to the Old Market that night too. Because of a little thing called Christmas, I guess, which has once again proven that it is WAY too close to my birthday. GOD, Christmas.  You are so flipping rude.

Anyway, we couldn't find parking for forever. Then we finally parked like 10 blocks away. Then we were late for our dinner reservations. Then by the time we were done with dinner, we had missed the movie. And then I was melancholy for Melancholia. Heh.

Anyway, Scott decided to cheer me up on Sunday, my actual birthday, by insisting that we finish the rest of my 36 things list THAT DAY. I was like "You straight up crazy," because in my mind I had already granted myself an extension to the end of the year. But then I thought, what the hell, this will be fun!

So we went for it.

4.  Wash my minivan:  DONE!

Scott took it in for me, since I have carwash-a-phobia.  It's not a fear of the car wash itself, but the driving INTO the car wash part.  You know, when you have to get your tire lined up on the track just so.  (I have depth perception issues. Don't judge - it's a serious medical condition.  To me.)

5.  Eat a lot of peppermint bark:  DONE! 


This one was done early in the day, while I was still melancholy.

6.  Go out on a date with my husband:  DONE!

Did this one the night before  - see sad story above.

7.  Learn a dance with Ashley:  DONE!

With video evidence, I might add.

9.  Write a short story:  DONE! 

Kinda.  Does this blog post count?  It's sort of like a nonfiction story.  Whatever, I'm going with it.

12.  Finish reading Wuthering Heights:  DONE!  ALMOST!  CLOSE ENOUGH!

I got through the Heathcliff/Catherine parts, so I say I'm done enough for high school english class, anyways.  (P.S.  Isn't it funny how in old novels they use verbs like "ejaculated" instead of "shouted"?  Heh.  Emily Bronte, you dirty girl.)

13.  Take Aidan out for a date:  DONE!

We had a little oreo backyard date.


(I paid).

14.  Take Owen out for a date:  DONE!

Owen and I had backyard cheez-its. 


Only the best for my babies.  Shhh-don't tell them I'm two-timing them.

15.  Buy some new shoes:  DONE!

I bought the kids their Christmas shoes last week.  Yeah, I know they weren't shoes for ME but looking at the language I used up there, I just said I had to buy shoes, not that they had to be for me.  So there you go, law school diploma.  Thank you for being useful.

16.  Learn how to make my mom's almond cake icing:  DONE!


This one was easy peasy.  All it is is 2 sticks of butter, 4 cups of powdered sugar, a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of almond extract.  Mix it and enjoy.

17.  Take a family picture with all five of us in it:  DONE!


My mom took this pic of us at our family Christmas party on Friday night.  We're all looking at the camera!  Holy crap, it's a Christmas miracle!

18.  Go out for strawberry margaritas:  DONE!


There's nothing like a frozen strawberry margarita at 2:00 in the afternoon.  I should really make this a weekend tradition, I think.


21.  Watch that "Once Upon a Time" show:  DONE!

Actually, I watched three of these while I was making the above-mentioned wreath.  I think I like it.  It's kinda weird, but I like weird shows, so I'm going to go with it.

22.  Make homemade macaroni and cheese:  DONE!

Well, technically, Scott made it a few weeks ago.  But I ate it, so I say it counts.

25.  Wear false eyelashes AND 32. Go out wearing bright red lipstick:  DONE and DONE!


Yeah, so I only went out on my front porch.  It totally counts.  Also, FYI - when buying false eyelashes, please make sure to also buy false eyelash ADHESIVE to stick the things on with.  Otherwise you might be forced to stick them on with lipgloss, like I did.  Nothing but class over here, ladies.

29.  Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows in it:  DONE!

Quite a few times, actually.  What!  It's cold here.

30.  Slow dance with my husband:  DONE!

Got this one checked off yesterday, no problemo.

31.  Figure out how to display our family photos on the wall:  DONE!

Did this one awhile ago too, just haven't gotten around to posting about it yet.

33.  Eat sushi:  DONE!

Had sushi takeout for dinner last night.  In the immortal words of David Lee Roth, I wish they all could be California rolls....  Ba dum dum.

34.  Plan a vacation:  DONE!

Kinda.  I "plan" to take a vacation this year.  Close enough.

35.  Rearrange the furniture in the living room:  DONE!

I did this the same day I arranged the family pictures.  Maybe one day I shall post about it.

ANNNNNNNNND, drum roll please!

36.  Turn 36.  And try not to cry about it:  DONE!

Well, I might have cried a little.  But not very much, because I was so dang busy yesterday doing all this stuff.  Boy, that Scotty is a smart boy, is he not?  I think I married the king of distraction.



Marcia (123 blog) said...

Okay, I'm completely inspired by you and Scotty, blasting those things off that list :)

Well done!

My favourites? The two dates with your boys and how you cheated on each of them LOL

Karen and Gerard said...

My husband likes that "Once Upon A Time" show--too weird for my taste. I'm a Biggest Loser, Parenthood and Survivor fan.

Love your Christmas "miracle"!

Sounds like a planned vacation to me!

What about a date with your daughter? Won't she feel left out?

Merry Christmas!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This post makes me heart smile. What a fun day!!!!

The picture of you in the red is a classic...beautiful, happy, sassy...you must frame that one in your house forever and ever!

"You straight up crazy"...you're so hood! Happy Birthday!

Kmama said...

Happy birthday!

Scott is a smart man. I'm glad you were able to do so much stuff from your list.

Jen said...

Yeah for you for completing this.

You and Ashley totally got moves!

And I LOVE you all dolled up... HAWT MOMMA!

championm2000 said...

You rocked out a birthday list like only 36 year old mama could...

Happy birthday!

Katherine said...

I have never worn false eyelashes. But I really want to, just once.

Your description of your birthday date is how the last several date attempts for me have gone. There is nothing worse than thinking you are out for a night on the town, only to be told that you are late for your reservation, and it will be a two hour wait and you don't have a babysitter that long, so you just go home. Blah!

Happy Birthday!

Brooke said...

Just want to take this opportunity to say.... YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!!!

Love the lashes shot.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Good for you for completing your list. I really like the show Ounce Upon A Time. It is weird, but for some reason I am really liking it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah to your hubby for helping you rock that out!!

LOVED the Dates with your boys. Oh, so sweet! Great family pic, too!

Happy Birthday!!!

Julia said...

Wow! Now that is checkin stuff off your list! I'm completely impressed! What I love about it is how intentional you were about celebrating your birthday, and including your Loves.

I'm kinda dig that Once Upon a Time show too---it is a little weird, but it's different weird, good weird.

Suze said...

Happy belated birthday! This was a hilarious post! I love how you declare it "close enough" or "it will have to do!" Glad to see you cut yourself a break...that was a LOT to do!!!

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