Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas, Christmas, Time is Here

We are all in the Christmas spirit over here.  Last night I did some major damage to my Christmas shopping list via some online shopping at Amazon.  I think I am D-O-N-E for the kids except for their stocking stuff.

They're each getting four *big* presents this year.  You know, it is really freaking hard to shop for three kids that are basically the same age.  I want to get them each unique stuff that I know *they* will like and that will make them feel special, but DUDE, it is hard to pick what item will go to what kid.  Especially when you've got identical four year old little boys who like the exact same things.

So this year I made it easy on myself and basically bought them all the same stuff.  It will make for kind of a repetitive Christmas-morning present opening session, but at least this way I know nobody will be disappointed that someone got something WAY MORE AWESOME than they did.

The biggest thing they're each getting is a LeapPad.

Which is also kind of a selfish present because I am hoping these will make them leave my iPad alone, for the love of all things holy.  I was getting a pedicure a few weeks ago and the lady doing my toes told me to snatch these up because they were going like hotcakes.  I'm so glad I listened and bought them at the time, because they are now sold out or way overpriced everywhere I've looked.  I have half a mind to sell them on eBay and make a little profit, but that's a little grinchy of me, I suppose.

I had a major panic attack about these things last night, though, because I didn't understand what else I needed to buy.  I kept seeing these download card thingies for $20, and then read about apps costing $7 or more to buy, and then game cartridges that were like $20 or so.  So I was like, crap, what else do I need to buy!!??  But I think I figured it out after a little research.

  • The download card thingy is just a gift card - no need to buy that.  
  • It comes with 4 apps, so no need to buy any extra right now.  
  • I did decide to buy them each a game cartridge, though, because what the heck, I needed another present and I figure they will eventually share the three of them.

So, I got Ashley a Dora game, Aidan a Mr. Pencil game, and Owen a Cars 2 game.
etc. etc.

For their third present, I got them each a pillow pet.  My kids have been talking about pillow pets for what feels like CENTURIES, so I figured it's time they got one.  Plus, these were a major deal on Amazon last night at 55% off.  Woot!

Then, I mixed things up a little bit.  Ashley's been talking about these lalaloopsy dolls, and I thought they were cute, so what the heck.

Fourth present, booyah!

And then I got both Aidan and Owen a lego set.

This is where I felt bad getting each of them the same thing, cause legos seem kind of boring and I know they will share.  BUT, I just had this sad vision of one of them happily playing with legos on Christmas morning while the other one stared wistfully at them.  So, they're both getting legos.  I've accepted it and moved on.  Kind of.

Now I get to move on to buying stocking stuffers, which is my FAVORITE part of Christmas present buying. Scott always gets annoyed at me because I spend too much and buy things that don't fit in the stockings.  He says it should be candy canes and M&Ms only.  To that I say, "Bah humbug, good sir!"  I've already got plans to stuff slippers, a doctor kit, and a zhu zhu pet in Aidan's stocking.  And that's just getting started.  It's gonna be a tight fit but I'm gonnna make it work.  'Tis the season!



MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Congrats on having it all figured out! And I think two sets of Legos are way better than one...I'm always a bit sad we don't have more pieces to make even bigger masterpieces (I mean, the girls are sad...ahem...).

And I agree, stockings are so much fun!

Salt in Suburbia said...

Saw zhu-zhu pets on clearance on a back end cap at my Target this weekend... you might want to look there.

Love the lalaloopsy doll. I have never seen those before!

pyjammy pam said...

yeah, i got the boys leappads too. and i feel so on top of it for getting them a few weeks ago. high fives to us!

can't wait until i can use my ipad again with them around...

championm2000 said...

Great ideas! Please keep us updated on the stocking stuffing...I am a newbie when it comes to doing kiddo stockings. Last year, they got formula :-)

Barbara Manatee said...

Legos rock... you can't lose with that choice x2!!!

We gave the kids "hand me down" Leapsters for their birthday last week. I debated about splurging for the LeapPads but felt stupid since we had 2 FREE Leapsters that work perfectly fine. They'll be getting new games for Christmas for sure though.

Stockings - I LOVE stockings!! Its like the best challenge to try to find meaningful, fun gifts that fit into a big sock. I love shopping for stockings more than anything else and I always get too much and it doesn't all fit! ha!

Brandy@YDK said...

i was thinking of getting g one of the leap pads but i think he's still too little but they look awesome. i bet your kids will love them. and good call on getting them the same things then they won't fight.

MommaKiss said...

My boys wanted pillow pets last year. It was their "big" Santa gift. And Mr. Kiss does the stockings. Except his - which I always slack on. Oops!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I want a Leap Pad too.

Hailey has that unicorn pillow pet and she calls it Butterfly...she's weird.

I saw an awesome Lego sorter that you can watch in's in the shape of a huge Lego head. Can't beat that with a bat.

Holly Ann said...

Awesome gifts!! My kids are also getting LeapPads for Christmas. Oh, and I can't wait to go shopping for stocking stuffers too!

Anonymous said...

Love the LeapPads! We are early adopters of the LeapPad because I was fearful of otherwise having to entertain my twins on a 7 hour flight in October. A few tips to keep in mind: First, they must be synced with the computer before your kiddos can play anything so I recommend doing this before Christmas unless your kids are more patient than mine. Second, the apps can be shared with up to 3 LeapPads so we opted to go that route instead as I didn't want to have a lot of fighting over who gets to use a game. Third, the free bonus apps that come with the LeapPad are an exception to #2 at least as far as I can tell (I spent some agonizing time trying to figure this one out when I was setting them up). And fourth, Amazon is selling the $20 app cards for less than $20 ($14 earlier this week when I picked up a couple for stocking stuffers). Admittedly though, receiving an app card is going to be much less exciting than receiving an actual game cartridge.

Congrats on knocking off much of your shopping! Must feel great.