Friday, October 28, 2011

A Second Open Letter to the St. Louis Cardinals

Dear St. Louis Cardinals,

Hoo-boy, that was a crazy night last night.  But you won!  Hey, good job.


I know you all must be tired.  (I'm tired of baseball, too.)

But let's just win one more, okay?  One more, for my hubby.

In case you forgot - I've shared him with you all summer.  And fall.  And part of the spring too.  So, you know, I deserve this.

(Yes, I know he's also seeing the Nebraska Cornhuskers on the side.  Believe me, I have a strongly worded letter out to them, too.)

So anyways.  Good luck tonight and all that!  Hope it's not too cold out there.  Keep your shirts on.  Make sure you catch all the balls.  Run fast and don't miss any plates.  Hit the ball places where the other team isn't.  Try not to step on any squirrels.

But really.  No matter what happens, I guess I'll see you in the spring.  I always do.




1 comment:

wonderchris said...

"Always do" - so funny!

Players stepping on squirrels would definitely up the excitement factor...