Friday, October 7, 2011

CPS Stands for CuPcakeS, Right?

A few weeks ago I took the day off from work.

Well, I didn't really take it "off" per se, since Scott was going out of town that day and I was running around like a madwoman with the twins in tow trying to get stuff done.  But still.

We had a million errands to run, but the first one was to the cupcake store to pick up my mom's birthday present: a half dozen gourmet cupcakes.

Yes.  I am the world's best daughter.

We marched in there right when it opened. And because I'm not one of those moms who goes into a cupcake store and won't let her kids have a cupcake....

We had cupcakes for breakfast.



Yes. I am also the world's best mother. 

Unless you're a dentist.  Then you probably wouldn't think so.



Mum's the word said...

heehee its just nasty to go into a cake store and not get them anything! they look pretty happy~!! found you @ daisy roo and two ;)

Salt in Suburbia said...

Such cute pics! Such cute boys.

Funny in My Mind said...

I wish you were my mom.
I love cupcakes!!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Nice...although I think I can give you a run for your money on the MOTH competition. I gave the Crazies chocolate Popems the morning before our first dentist appointments and, no, I didn't have them brush their teeth.