Monday, September 12, 2011

My Simple 9/11 Story

I don't have a story about 9/11 that's intriguing to read.  I was just a 25 year old girl, starting my third year of law school, living with my boyfriend in a tiny condo in St. Louis.

I slept in that day since my first class didn't start until the afternoon.  I got up, got ready, and got in my car all without turning on the TV.  Scott was at work - he'd left super early that morning, way before anything happened.

As I was driving to school, I turned on the radio.  It was Howard Stern.  I could tell something had happened in New York to the twin towers, but I couldn't pinpoint the details as Howard and crew had moved on to conjecture and theorizing at that point.  I switched channels, but only found music.

I parked at the law school and went inside.  People swarmed around televisions randomly set up in the common area.  It was very quiet.  On the white board was written "Classes Canceled."  Classes never got canceled.  I couldn't get close enough to the TVs to see what was happening.

I was too afraid to ask anybody.

So I drove home.  Silently, this time.  Now that I knew it was bad - really bad - I didn't want to know yet.

I turned on the TV when I walked inside.

And that's when I knew. 


My cousin posted this picture on Facebook a long time ago of my brothers, my cousins and I on a trip to NY ages ago.  I'm the windblown kid in the back, second from the left.  I remember having this picture taken.  I remember it was windy (clearly).  And cold.  And I remember being absolutely inspired by the New York City skyline.  Even at such a young age I could feel the endless opportunities and excitement and limitless possibilities it evoked.

How it could spark such hatred in a fellow human being is something I will never understand.



blueviolet said...

It's still interesting because everyone remembers the details of where they were. Everyone.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find out until the afternoon bc my high school decided not to tell us so as not to disrupt the school day.

That's a great picture :)

Holly Ann said...

I first saw it at my bank early in the morning. I was a college student too so I went to my scheduled classes, but we only watched the news in each of them. My mom worked for the department of defense. I had to watch my little sister that evening because my mom could not leave work. Luckily, my family was safe, but it was a very scary day.

Barbara Manatee said...

I heard the news just as I was about to take my students outside to the track for gym. Our school is less than a mile from our airport so I was really wondering if we should let them go outside (in Michigan?) but it was even more eerie that there were NO planes coming in or taking off...

Katherine said...

It's so interesting to hear people's stories that, 10 years later, are still full of such detail.