Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fly away, little bird!

So, we all know that I am having a midlife crisis, which has manifested itself in buying feather earrings.

I looooooooove them.

But believe me, I had to DIG for these babies at Forever 21.  You see, all feather earrings are not created equal.

Some are a little too Pocahontas. 

Others are a bit too Cyndi Lauper-esque. 

And some are just too Peacockian.  (Yes, I just made up that word).

The ones I found at Forever 21 fell into the latter category (i.e., I mean Peacockian, in case you get confused by "former" vs. "latter" - which I do.)


But I could see they had potential.

So when I got home from Baltimore, I asked Scott for his wire clippers and performed a little earring surgery.

And I am loving the results.



I really want to wear them this weekend with a sweater poncho thing I bought, too.  Bordering on Pocahontas-territory, yes, but I think I can pull it off.  Or maybe that's just the mid-life crisis talking.

(At least I didn't get a feather tattoo.)



Katherine said...

I think they are fabulous. They almost make me wish that I wore earrings.

Laura said...

They are so super cute!! No way I could pull them off, but you rock them!

Jen said...

Ok first feather earrings are awesome! And I love your improvements but I adore the way they were originally.

Kmama said...

Cute! I wear earrings every day, but they are just my diamond studs. I'm not fashionable enough to pull anything else just looks like I'm playing dress up.

Megan said...

Whoa. Okay, those are awesome.

I want.

Danae said...

Very cute! Makes me wish I was daring enough to try to pull them off. :)

Holly Ann said...

Now I want a feather tattoo. Plus they told me that I can't have my tattoos showing at work anymore (boo!) so of course I want to go out and get more of them! ;)

Anonymous said...

They look fabulous with your hair color!!

Don't diss the peacockian!! My mom kept some peacock earring with beads on them from the 70s and they were hot.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

LOVE them!

Maybe you could get those feather hair extensions next. Those are pretty cool (although I could never pull them off...I'd keep thinking a bird landed in my hair)!

Maia Dobson said...

You look so cute with those feather earrings on! You sure does look like Pocahontas.

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Oskar Glauber said...

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