Sunday, September 4, 2011

Backyard Campfire

Tonight we built a fire in our backyard fire pit and made s'mores with the kids. We sang campfire songs and took turns telling spoooooky stories.

My story was about three kids who went to a spooooooooky house and knocked on the door (knock knock knock) and it creeeeeeeeaked open and the kids went inside and THEN...went to the kitchen and ate jello. The end.

(It was supposed to be much spookier but the kids looked a little freaked. Therefore, I went to their happy place: Jello.)

After my spooooooky tale was over, Aidan said "Hey, mommy, where were the ghosts?" And Ashley looked quite disappointed, so I decided to try again.

"Okay, well the next day one kid went back to the spoooooooooky house and knocked on the door again (knock knock knock) and the door creeeeeeeeaked open and he walked inside. And then the door slammed shut (Slam!)"

(FYI - sound effects are key when telling spooky stories.)

"And then the kid heard someone say 'Woooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!'"

Now the kids looked plain terrified.

"Was it a GHOST?????" shouted Aidan

"Yes, it was a ghost. And it swooped down at the kid and said..."

"I GONNA KILL YOU?????????" shouted Owen.

And I thought, well, good lord, that is much too violent, so I said "No. It said 'Woooooooooould you like to go eat some jello with me?'"

And the kids thought I was totally lame but whatever.

So Ashley took over and told a spooky story about a ghost and witch and vampire party. Aidan went next with a story about a ghost and witch BBQ - slightly different, yet just as terrifying. Then, finally, Owen got some violence in with his spooky story. It involved a really sharp sword and cutting off monster heads. Yikes.

Anyway, it was a fun night. At the end when we were all cozied up, watching the flames flicker out, full from our s'mores, I told the kids, "You guys, you should try really hard to remember this moment for the rest of your lives. I'm gonna count to three and we'll all be quiet and tell ourselves to remember this very moment forever. Ready? One...two...three."

I breathed in the scent of the fire and looked at my husband and darling babies and then up at the stars in the night sky. It was just lovely.

And then somebody tooted.

Which I'll now remember forever. Lovely indeed.



Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

The end was the best...for real!

Love those moments!

Katherine said...

We've never told scary stories, because just being outside in the dark freaks my kids out. Yeah, we're not the bravest of families.

Holly Ann said...

That ending is a winner! LOL

Emily said...

Tales and toots - great combination!!


Cindy said...

ha ha ha!!! you sound soooo much like my oldest daughter. She would totally end with jello. I would be the one with the vampires, ghosts and OF COURSE the sharp swords for the monsters.
But most of my kids are grown and they seem to be alright :)

Brandy@YDK said...

pure awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'd wet my pants if a ghost asked me to eat jello with him

Krystyn said...

nothing like a toot to bring you back to reality, right?

sure sounds like a fun time, beginning to {almost} end.