Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited: August 2011 Edition

It's the 1st of the month!  And you know what that means.  It's time to get STUPID excited!!!!

For those of you new to my blog, "Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited" is a feature I post on the first day of each month. It's like Oprah's Favorite things - if Oprah was really cheap. And loved to shop at Kohl's.  And now that Oprah's off the air...well, let's just say I'm glad LTTMMSE can fill the hole in our collective heart that's been left behind.  ;-)

Grab the button below and link on up in the comments if you want to make your own list! I'd love to read what makes you STUPID excited too!! And if you'd like to see my past lists, they're all linked up on my LTTMMSE page.

Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited


I've got *TEN* stupid exciting things for the month of August!  Oh, girl.

"Shrimpo de Gallo" Recipe by The Pioneer Woman

Oh.My.Word.  This is sooooooo freaking delicious!!  You all know The Pioneer Woman's recipes are the bomb, so click on over to her site to get the nitty gritty details.  One change I made - I didn't chop up the shrimp.  And, instead of using it as a dip, we used it as a filling in tortillas.  So basically I made shrimp tacos with it.  It was so fresh and tasty!  Perfect summer recipe.


I bought this stuff on a whim a couple months back, and you know what, I really like it!  I don't just use it for under eyes - I also use it as a concealer on the rest of my face, and dare I say it, I think it works better than anything else I've ever bought concealer-wise.  Check it out!

"Little Things" App for iPad

This app.  Ugh, this app.  I have a love/hate relationship with it because it is so damn addictive!  It's a seek and find game and trust me, you can play it for hours.  HOURS.  The kids like it too.  Although sometimes it can be difficult explaining what a "jerry can" and "shuttlecock" are.

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's.  Peanut Butter Cups.  STUPID delicious.

Ice Cream Cones

You know how when you grow up you're supposed to start liking sugar cones and waffle cones and fancier ice cream receptacles?

Not me.  Give me the plain old kid cone.  I love 'em.  Put a little scoop of mint chip in there and you've got one happy lady on your hands.


I bought this dress months ago (in red and black) months ago at an Old Navy outlet and have been waiting for it to go online for FOREVER so I could list it in LTTMMSE.  It is soooo flattering!  And comfy!  Buy it now, before they're gone forever!  Also, they're on sale! 

Tomato Sandwiches (image credit)

Mmmm, tomato sandwiches.  Nothing says summer to me quite like a home grown tomato, sliced, salted and stacked on bread with lots of mayo.  Yum-me.


My mom bought this stuff to keep the kids entertained during the family reunion we had a few weeks ago (apparently Schnitzelbank does not keep the pre-K set entertained for very long - go figure!).  Anyways, it's genius.  It's paper and markers that draw all metallic-like.  SO cool.  My kids loved it and colored for forever.  Where was all this cool stuff when I was a kid???


This is my local grocery store's free magazine, and I get so stupid excited when it comes.  It always has great recipes in it, awesome party ideas and gorgeous pictures.  They post 'em online (see link above), so even if you don't have Hy-Vee in your town you should check it out.  And if you do, sign up for this magazine stat!  I love it.

Picasa/Picnik Photo Editing

You know, I don't have much time to edit my pictures.  Which is why I heart Picasa and Picnik so, so, so much.  They are both so easy to use and have great features.  I fixed up the above picture in about 5 minutes.  Not a big difference, but enough to make it blog worthy I think.  Picasa is free, and most of the features on Picnik are too.  But I did buy a premium account on Picnik ($25 a year, I think?) because you do get a few cool extra features.  It's pretty nice if you don't have Photoshop and want to do a little clean up on your pics before posting them!


And that's all for LTTMMSE this month, peeps!  Hope you enjoyed it!



Steph said...

Sorry, disagree with the plain cones. I was pretty much told as a kid that only bad people ate sugar cones. So when I tried one in college, I became one of the bad people. Yes I know I'm so rebellious. But I'm never going back. I hope we can still be friends even though I'm evil.

You look great in that last pic, both the edited and non-edited one!

Holly Ann said...

Awww...that last photo is wonderful and so sweet!

Whoever decided to put chocolate and peanut butter together also decided in that moment that I would never be skinny. That stuff is freakin' delicious.

Jen said...

Ok so I love this feature and today for lunch I am going to have to have a tomato sandwich.

Kmama said...

Love that photo of you all together!

I've never tried the Ben and Jerry's PB ice cream. I just might have to now!

Anonymous said...

i loooove those kiddie cones!!

Barbara Manatee said...

I remember seeing that recipe on PW's blog and thinking I needed to try that. Thanks for the reminder!

That dress is super cute! Too bad it'd probably barely cover my butt...its hard to find a cute dress that is long enough when you're 6'1"!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I don't even know what a Jerry can is.

I'm making that shrimp de gallo for the beach...enough said.

Great shot...I love picnik too!