Monday, August 22, 2011

Fairy Houses (or Hotels)

The kids and I built a fairy house this weekend. Actually, I just said "Hey, let's build a fairy house!" and then they took it from there.


What's a fairy house, you ask?  (The kids asked too).  Well, I read about it here and thought it was a super cute idea. 


Basically it's just a little house built out of nature.  I told my kids that if we built one, maybe a fairy or two would come and sleep in it that night.


They made leaf beds for 8 fairies, so really it was more like a fairy hotel than a house.  Also, Owen was very concerned about whether or not the fairy house needed a potty.  (Owen is a little obsessed with potties.)


Ashley also made sure there was a driveway.  For fairies who drive instead of fly, I guess.


When they were all done, they were quite impressed with their creation.  And it kept them busy for like an hour.  That's a record, people.  Fairy houses are where it's at.


We might make another one this weekend that involves sticks.  The fairies are gonna love it.



Karen and Gerard said...

What a fun project for the children to enjoy! It's just sad that kids can't think up their own entertainment anymore. I remember creating a playground for beetles one summer--no one had to suggest it. Glad your kids were focused for an hour!

aek1976 said...

Megan---very cool idea!! I may have to steal it because we aren't very ingenious at our house. Karen --- I hope your kids are as wonderfully creative as yourself:-)

wonderchris said...

So cute - love that it kept them occupied for so long. :)

Jen said...

I love this.

Hayden loves to build fairy houses. :)

Katherine said...

This is too cute! I wonder with my boys, if they will care about fairy houses. Maybe we can build elf or gnome houses instead.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

What a fun project! I can imagine having loved that as a kid...I'll have to file it away for a year or so down the road (or fairy driveway).

And I think a potty obsession is a good sign, right?! ;)

Agnes said...

:-)))))) love it.

Barbara Manatee said...

oh my goodness!! My daughter would LOVE this idea!! I'm so going to have to suggest it to her one of these afternoons when we have some time at home (not sure when that'll be...I'm back to work and the kids start school soon! agh!)

Holly Ann said...

Aww!! Such a cute idea! I love their creativity!!

Anonymous said...

I love the landscaping at the entrances and the driveway. Natural stone finishes are very in this year.