Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rouladen in 12 Easy Steps

So, guess what happens when you blog about your hubby's favorite meal?

Well, if your hubby reads your blog, it means you have to make that favorite meal the next day. So I did. Because I love my Scotty.

I also took pictures. Vegetarians beware!

Step One:  We can have lots of fun!  Step Two: There's so much we can doooooo...


Step One:  Pound yo' meat.


Step 2:  Mustardize it.  I just invented that word.  And I like it.


Step 3:  Chop up some onions.


Step 4:  Forget to take pictures.

Step 5:  Admire your rouladen rings.


Step 6:  Brown it.


Step 7:  Make some potates.


Step 8: Go draft two employment agreements.  (Only do this step if you're a lawyer).

Step 9:  Smell it.  Yum.


Step 10:  Make gravy.  This part's hard.  Focus.


Step 11:  Watch your husband fall in love with you all over again.


Step 12:  But hopefully not too much.  Making rouladen makes a girl tired.


And there you have it.  How to make rouladen in 12 easy steps.  And thus ends German heritage week at Twinsomnia.  Hope you enjoyed it.  ;-)



Helene said...

I don't think I've ever known anyone else who knew how to make this! My MIL is from Germany and she makes this every Christmas of my hubby's favoritest meals ever!!

I think she puts pickles in hers...and she makes her gravy with a million beef boiullon (spelling?) cubes so it's like super salty!

Trust me, yours looks way tastier!!!

Salt in Suburbia said...

Your way looks easier than my way. I might have to try it (when the heat and humidity eases up a little and my vegan cousin's visit is over).

Jen said...

I still want you to make it for me.

And you send some too me. ;)

Funny in My Mind said...

My husband has that Dole t shirt.
I still hate rouladen.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Lol that last picture cracked me up.
Rouladen looks really good.

Kim said...

Oh, mama, that looks GOOD!

Emily said...

Pioneer Woman beware! Looks delicious.

Heather said...

New Kids on the Block FTW!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you're a frickin rock star!