Thursday, May 5, 2011

Work Schmerk

GAH, you guys.  I am so freaking behind on responding to comments and visiting your blogs.  I totally suck.

Work has been kicking my arse lately.  I barely have enough time to eat a pack of White Cheddar Cheez-Its before somebody's handing me another project or dialing me into another conference call or telling me something that was supposed to be due next week is now due tomorrow or...well, you get the picture.

I even had to work on Easter.  Easter, I tell you!  I work with a bunch of heathens.  Or at least a bunch of bunny-haters. 

So, yeah.  I promise I'll catch up. In the meantime, please hang in there with me.

(P.S.  In totally random news, I saw the space station fly by overhead tonight!  Have any of you ever seen it before?  The news guy said it would be visible tonight and I didn't really believe him because I'm skeptical like that but then whoah, there it was.  It was way cool.  And yes, I realize this makes me sound like a total mom-nerd.) 


middle child said...

Space Station????? That is so totally cool. I think we are alike in that way. I get so excited to see a hot air balloon or a flower or someone with unique hair. I mean, just about anything exciting excites me. And I get looks like-what's the big deal? I feel sorry for all the people who miss everything. We are lucky!!!

Holly Ann said...

That is super cool about the space station. And in defense of some of us heathens, my friends and I still took the time off of work for Easter. ;)

But in seriousness, life is busy. We all know how it is. No need for apologies. :)


wonderchris said...

Work on Easter!?! That's not okay!

Sorry things have been so busy - that's what you get for being good at your job. :)

Space station - that's awesome. Did it look like a TIE fighter?

Happy Mother's Day!!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Mom-nerd...I think I'm one of those.

No worries...just hid "mark all as read" like I did a week ago. It will feel like a virtual weight was lifted off your shoulders!

Samantha said...

Working on Easter is SO not cool but seeing the space station is! What was it like??

Megan said...

Wonderchris: That pic is cool! It did NOT look like a tie fighter, more like a shiny star flying across the sky... But next time it comes by I am totally going to look closer now that I know it has a tie fighter resemblance.

Samantha: It just looked like a bigger than normal star flying across the sky. It was FAST. So cool!

criticalcrass said...

don't feel bad. i've been horrible about visiting blogs, too.

that's cool that you got to see the space station! i'm pretty sure all those lights from houston would make it invisible to us, though. now ogden valley, utah, on the other hand. there is prime real estate for stargazing. i'm amazed every time i go there at how many twinkles there are.