Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aidan the Magician

Aidan invented a magic trick the other day.

Abba and...cadabba!!!!

By the way, I think it's finally Ashley's turn now.



Karen and Gerard said...

LOL! How cute--it's magic! I used to do tricks too when I was a kid. Got a "Sneaky Pete Magic Set" one year.

Brandy@YDK said...

so freakin adorable!!!

wonderchris said...

Loved it!! That is a great trick, Aidan!

Liz said...

He really likes to keep that handkerchief just so, doesn't he? :)

Laura said...

Hehe! Great magic, Aiden! Was Ashley as pedantic about getting the handkerchief (that's an odd word. I'm all distracted by the word 'handkerchief' now. It looks weird, it's spelled weird. Who decided to call it a handkerchief?! And even the abbreviated 'hankie' is just as strange. Handkerchief. Hankie. Guess it's better than 'snot cloth' though! Anyways!) just 'so'?