Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stupid PetPeeve Tricks

So, I know I see a lot of bloggers out there talking about their pet peeves.  And since I like to think of myself as a shameless copycat, I am going to join right on in. 

And in keeping with my shameless copycat-ness, and also my love of playing on words, I'm going to call my pet peeve posts:

Stupid PetPeeve Tricks

Because its my blog and I said so.  And I doubt David Letterman reads Twinsomnia, so I'm not going to worry about copyright.  Even though I'm a lawyer.  But nobody knows that, right?  Also, FYI - technically there are no tricks.  I just like the way it sounds.

Anyway.  On to my first Stupid Pet Peeve Trick!


*Image Not Drawn To Scale

You know the ones.  All the restaurants are serving them lately.  They are GINORMOUS, one-size-fits-all sodas.  And because they are so GINORMOUS, these restaurants think they can charge you upwards of $2.75 for them.  Granted, you usually get unlimited refills, but people - WHO NEEDS UNLIMITED REFILLS OF GINORMOUS SODAS!?!?!?!

I am 5 feet 3 inches tall (5' 4" on a good day).  I weigh...well, I'm not going to tell you what I weigh, but it's a reasonable number, thank you very much.  These ginormous sodas are bigger than my STOMACH.  And They are certainly bigger than my bladder (thanks Aidan and Owen).

There is no way  I can drink all of that soda.  I maybe get a quarter of the way down.  So, if my gigantic soda cost $2.75, I am only drinking $0.68 worth of soda.  That is just not economical.

What happened to being able to order a soda size?  I would just like a small soda, please.  Just one little, reasonably sized glass of carbonated beverage that only sets me back 75 to 99 cents.  I don't need a refill.  I'm good with just one, thanks.  One small glass.  That's all I want.  Is it too much to ask? 

I might have to start ordering water with dinner, just to make a point.  Or....maybe I could start sneaking in a soda in my purse.  Yes, that would be weird.  But people, we must stand tall against GIGANTIC sodas!   Small bladders of the world, unite!

Tune in next time for another Stupid PetPeeve Trick of mine...people who stalk you for your parking spot when there is another spot open right over there.  Oh, and pet spas...seriously people?  Seriously???


Anonymous said...

Hahaha we don't have those here in Mexico (here they serve you a can or a bottle, along with a glass of ice). Is this a new fad in the States?

When I lived there 6 years ago I remember soda glasses being more than the average 8 oz, but nothing too crazy.

wonderchris said...

Much like the Starbucks Trenta - it isn't humanly possible to consume that much liquid. If "they" are going to mega-size they should at least keep reasonable sizes available. I'm with ya!!

Brandy@YDK said...

hahahaha. love it. and yes I never need a ginormous soda!

sara said...

Outwit them...you order water and then get whatever you actually want with the kids meal. Reasonable sized soda plus a take home cup with bendy straw...bonus!

Jen said...

Well, I understand your point. I happen to be a lover of the HUGE sodas but only when you can take it with you. I get one and the sip on it all day.

But then again, I am also taller than you and have a bladder the size of Montana that doesn't leak. Thank you, Keegels. ;)

Jeanette said...

Haha just read through all the comments. :) I like my soda, but I definitely am against the huge soda cups that as soon as you purchase them in a drive-thru, tip over in their cup holder due to their extreme weight and cover you and your car in sticky soda-ness. Not cool.
and McDonalds makes it so unfair. If you order a large soda, it's just a dollar, while a small soda costs more. The frugal part of me and the let's-keep-the-car-clean part of me war over this.

Jenner said...

And yet, if you order a cocktail, the glass is snack-size. What gives?

middle child said...

Sooo. Am I the only one who has to use two hands to lift these while hoping the cup won't collapse? (movie theaters anyone?)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Haha...our society is so gross. I have resorted to ordering the child size soda...sad, right?

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