Friday, February 11, 2011

Deep Thoughts On a Friday Night

Me: Hmmm. That is intriguing.

Scott: What's intriguing?

Me:. On my poll of the week, two people have said they would want a Pegasus if they could have a mythical creature for a pet. But only one person wants a unicorn/pegasus.

Scott: Why's that weird?

Me: Well, wouldn't everyone want a unicorn/pegasus? Two for the price of one.

Scott: Because a pegasus can fly around. A unicorn just has a horn.

Me: But a unicorn/pegasus has wings AND a horn. That's awesome.

Scott: Don't you think a unicorn is a little, um..."fancy"?

Me: No way. The horn could totally be used as a weapon, which makes the unicorn/pegasus a much manlier choice than just the pegasus alone.

Scott: That would be the fanciest weapon ever.


Me: Did we really just have that conversation?

Scott: Yes, I think we did.

And that is why we are married to each other.



Anonymous said...

I agree with Scott. I would go with a plain Pegasus because they look more bad-ass. It would be kinda embarrassing to ride around on a unicorn... dunno why haha.

Better yet, how about one of those invisible flying death horses (thestrals) from Harry Potter? THAT'S badass!

Brandy@YDK said...

i didn't realize that I was missing a poll of the week. this is very important scientific research.

Holly Ann said...

Haha! Sounds very similar to many of the conversations Shaun and I have.

I still chose a Dragon because a dragon can fly and breathe fire. I'm guessing fire-breathing flying monster would destroy any unicorn/pegasus. lol

Rebecca said...

Love it...this could totally happen in my house, but there would be a ton of phallic references too...erg. So proud of Husband...

sara said...

Yeah...I'm with Rebecca. We'd have that conversation for sure, but it would be much dirtier and there would no doubt be a "that's what she said" thrown in.

wonderchris said...

Dragon all the way!!!! :D