Monday, January 10, 2011

Got Funk?

This time of year is the hardest for me.  The holidays are over.  And it's cold.  And snowy.  And it's gonna stay that way for the next few months.  January, February, March, and so on and so forth, amen.

I think I have a case of the winter doldrums.

Doesn't that word just sound depressing?  Doldrums.  When I say it out loud, I imagine it sounding like the doorbell to a big old lonesome mansion up on a hill surrounded by scary trees.  


And then a menacing butler comes to open up the door.  And as the door c-r-e-a-k-s open, he says... 

(I have no idea what he says.  Because I have the doldrums.)

Unfortunately, the doldrums are not conducive to great blogging fodder.  As you can tell from this post.

So I'm turning my blogging reins over to you, my friends.  Help me get out of this funk and funk it back up to funky.  Or something like that, only better. 

Anyone have any questions for me?  Or for Scott?  Anything you're just dying to know?  Anything I've mentioned on the blog that you've wanted to hear more about?  Anything that I haven't mentioned on the blog that you've wanted to hear more about?  Let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to draft up a doldrum-less post in response, I promise.  All comments are welcome, whether you're a regular, a newbie, a lurker, or even just a 'follow me!'-er.

Sound fun?  Yes?  No?  Bueller?



Belle n' Kent said...

You are awesome! Favorite words: lurker, Bueller, and (of course) doldrums. Awesome! (Did I say that already? It's sooo late at night.) :)
Question for Scott: Do you feel like your life is just one big blog post of Megan's. :)
Question for Megan: Do horse movies get you as much as they get me? I mean c'mon...Sea Biscuit = tear jerker. Am I right?
Question for Miss Ashley Belle: If you could pick anything to have wings (that doesn't already), what would you pick?
Question for Owen: What is your favorite color?
Question for Aiden: What is your favorite animal?

Kmama said...

This is why we plan trips in February. I hate the long, cold winter!

Okay, so question for you...what area of law do you practice?

Katherine said...

I'm in a funk right now too. I need sunshine.

Kristen said...

I hear you on the winter doldrums...

What is your favorite online store?

LisaDay said...

Actually, I was enjoying your creepy story. Feel free to continue it and use the word doldrums often.

How about some Vit D?


Funny in My Mind said...

Bleh, that's what I say. I just bore everyone with my ho hum posts all the time. I enjoy reading other blogs though. What do you like to watch on tv? Favorite makeup?

Anonymous said...

What's your favorite movie and why?

In your opinion, who is the hottest male actor?

In Scott's opinion, who is the hottest actress?

Jen said...

I want another date night post with a vlog and dancing.

Now go.

Brandy@YDK said...

there are already so many awesome comments. ugh - i hate being late to the party.

i want a another date night.

and what is scott going back to school for?

Holly Ann said...

First, this post is super as is. The "doldrums" thing is funny. :)
Second, what "mommy milestones" are you most proud of? I know they seem like silly things to some people, but I was pretty damn proud of myself the first time I braved the grocery store by myself with two 2-year-olds and an infant!

wonderchris said...

Definitely a Q & A with Ashley. She is so creative it kills me.

Sorry about the funk. I think the January blues is real and I'm hoping for a VERY early spring myself. Like tomorrow would work just fine.

Emily said...

I vote for more videos of Buzz Lightyear or ways your kiddos entertain themselves. I'm hoping that giggling at your family's creativity is my ticket out of the doldrums!

(Also - how are your boys' speech habits going? I remember once upon a time they were slightly hard to understand and I was wondering how they've progressed. Just hoping for encouragement with my twins' speech, I guess!).

Mizzreviewlady said...

I am folowing you from the hop and would love a follow back at

Anne said...

You could always talk about your super cool, super pretty, super funny friend! Or, you could inquire about ideas for GW'11

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Okay, you asked...

How did you and Scott meet? Was it love at first sight? And how long did you date before getting engaged and married?

And of course, what is your motherstyle?

I have plenty more questions if you’re ever stuck for topics – seriously. If we ever meet in real life, we could chat for hours and hours.