Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A's to Your Q's

Well, ask and ye shall receive!  You all gave me lots of fun questions to answer.  So many that I'm gonna have to split them up into a few posts.  But let's get started with the first round, shall we?

The fabulous Belle from Metcalf Mania starts us off by asking:

"Do horse movies get you as much as they get me?  I mean c'mon...Sea Biscuit = tear jerker. Am I right?"

And my response is hmmmmmmmm.  You know, I think one of my X chromosomes must be deficient, because I have never been that much of a horse lover.  In fact, they kind of scare me.  Although what animal doesn't scare me, let's be honest here.  Horses, dogs, dragonflies....you name it, they scare me. 

Speaking of horses, I found this in my bed the other night.  Positioned just so, on my pillow.

Apparently my children are channeling Vito Corleone.  Maybe I shouldn't have refused when they offered to eat my rice krispie treat the other day. 

Belle also has fantastic Q's for Scott and the kids, but those will have to wait because I was too unorganized to ask them before bedtime.


The lovely Kmama from The Daily Dribbles wants to know: 

"What area of law do you practice?"

Well, thank you for asking, Kmama!  I don't blog much about my work because I like to keep my online presence completely distinct from my professional life, but since you asked - I practice corporate health care law.  It's just as exciting as it sounds.  ;-)

Next up is the marvelous Kristen from Healthy Mama, who asks:

"What is your favorite online store?"

Hmmmmmmmm.  I'm gonna go with Amazon.  I know it's boring.  I know it's practical.  But free shipping once you hit $25??  That's just awesome.  And I can always find something to get me up to $25.  Plus, no sales tax.  Holla!

And last but not least for today is the very funny Funny In My Mind, from In My Mind It's Always Funny.  She wants to know:

"What do you like to watch on tv? Favorite makeup?"

Right now, I am not much of a TV watcher.  Well, not like how I used to be anyway.  But I do love 'So You Think You Can Dance'.  And 'Project Runway.'  And that's it.  Yup, no other shows for me.  Especially not any reality dating shows, no siree.  ........  ...........  ........................  Okay, fine!  Yes, I watch 'The Bachelor'!  I love it, okay!?!?  And Brad is definitely going to find love this time, I just know it!  (pick Emily, pick Emily, pick Emily....) 


As for makeup, I'm all over the map.  But I'm loving this new Neutrogena stuff that I mentioned in the December edition of LTTMMSE.  It's seriously awesome.


Well, that was fun!  I'm already feeling less doldrumsy and I still have more questions to answer!  And feel free to keep 'em coming - we've got a long winter ahead of us.  (I'll try to keep the horse heads to a minimum next time, I promise.)



Anonymous said...

Ok, here's a question~if you could take a vacation without your children, where would you go and why?

Belle said...

That seriously made my morning! :)

Brandy@YDK said...

I love so you think you can dance.

Scott said...

Ok lady of the blues. I’ve got some questions for you.

How, when you have the doldrums, do you keep the rest of us happy and feeling loved?

How do you work your butt off all day and then come home and assist in cleaning up after hurricane Ashley?

How do you have the energy to encourage me to go out with Brian for some R and R?

How do you keep such a level head when it comes to dealing with a certain family member?

How are you able to be a 100% employee, 100% Mommy, and a 100% wife?

How do you stay so beautiful?

And how is it possible that I love you more every day?

Oh… and can you pick up some dinner on your way home?

Danae said...

I find odd toys in my bed too, thoughtfully left there by the kids. Although, I've never had a horse left on my pillow....

Kmama said...

Corporate health care law, huh? Well, I work in HR, so I pretty much know just how much fun that is for you! Especially with health care reform. Dear Lord, please help me.

wonderchris said...

Scott's questions are awesome!!!

That horse pic may give me nightMAREs tonight. Whoa, that wasn't a planned pun, but it cracked me up nonetheless. I amuse easily.

Anonymous said...

The horse thing is kinda eerie... sleep with 1 eye open, girl!

I really need to use this weekend to catch up on The Bachelor!

Katherine said...

I am constantly getting into bed and finding a whole animal collection there under my sheets. My kids have moved past horse heads and are now doing entire dolphins, dinosaurs, and cows.

Kim said...

would you consider a playdate with a fellow nebrakaner if they met ya at the zoo...say...next summer?

Funny in My Mind said...

I don't think he is gonna pick Ashley (is she just so pretty it hurts?) according to Reality Steve (who is always right) but I won't give away the answer. Your husband cracks me up with all the sweetness and then BAM- will you pick up a pizza? My sister is in law school. Mom always said she would argue with the devil, now she can. The horse head is a hoot, especially cause I married an Italian and my threat when he ticks me off is a horse head in the bed. I need to try the Neutrogena, my face is a mess.

Sadia said...

When it comes to horses, you may just be a funnier me. I don't get 'em, though I try. Jess is a born equestrian, so I fake liking 'em. Melody doesn't even try to fake it.