Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A's to Your Q's: Part 3

A few of you snuck in some additional questions for me on my last Q and A post, so I thought I'd just hammer them all out in a new post.  Also, I found out what a "motherstyle" is!  You're all gonna want to get involves a fun quiz.

First off is Kim from Better Than We Could Pray For, who asked me "Do you think you'll ever add another munchkin to the bunch?"

Ha!  Ha ha ha ha ha.  NO.  For awhile I wanted *just* one more, but now I realize that was just plain crazy talk.  (Now watch me go get knocked up next month, oy.)

Next up is Ruth Anne from The Skinny Turtle, who asks "How did you lose your baby weight and get so svelte after the twins? You're just a wee thing. If it's not too personal; did you have a tummy tuck? Do you want one?"

You know, I'm not sure how I lost the just kinda came off.  I've always had a good metabolism and been pretty lucky in the weight department.  I know - I'm very annoying.  And nope, no tummy tuck for me so far.  I've got a nice little pooch of twinskin to prove it, although I won't be showing *that* on the blog anytime soon.  ;-)  However, I fully admit that I would looooooooove a tummy tuck to just snip that pooch right off.  But, I figure I should try some ab crunches or something first.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or next week.  Or the week after that.  Any day now.

Kristin from Kristin's Four Kids had another question for me - "Do you LOVE being a lawyer?"

Well, love is a strong word, especially in caps lock.  I would say I like being a lawyer.  Not like like, just like.  On the one hand, I would love to do something different - something that would allow me to spend more time with my family, and have more time to live life and do the things I really love to do.  But on the other hand, the area of law I practice in is really quite complicated, and it keeps my brain working hard.   Which I think is a really good thing for me.  Not enough of a good thing that I LOVE it, but enough for me to like it and want to hang out with it from time to time.  :-)

Also, I found out from Marcia from 1,2,3 Blog what a motherstyle is!  You can go here to take a quiz to find out what yours is.  I am an INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) - The "Tuned In" Mother.  Basically, I'm awesome.  ;-)

Aware, astute, and understanding, the INFP mother is sensitive to her child's needs, feelings, and perceptions. By observing and listening to the cues of the whole child, she is "tuned in" and naturally develops an intuitive feel for what he or she needs. Responsive and helpful as well, she tends patiently to those needs as they arise.

Well, yes, I will take that motherstyle, if you please.

And last, but certainly not least, I promised I'd post about How Scott and I first met, whether it was love at first sight, and how long we dated before getting engaged and married.

Scott and I met at a Barnes & Noble.  My mom was a manager there, and I popped into the store one night to visit her when I was home from college on vacation.  I was 21 years old.

I was browsing through the "Employee Recommendation" section at the front of the store, reading the reviews that my mom and other employees had written on index cards hanging below the books sitting on the shelves.   Pretty soon, a review by an employee named "Scott" caught my eye.  Mainly because the review was for a book called "Sex for Dummies" and also because it was HILARIOUS.  I was busy cracking up reading it when I realized a boy behind the cash register area was watching me and laughing right along with me.  I turned around and quickly figured out that the boy (who was the cutest boy EVER, by the way) was "Scott".  We started chatting and I just remember laughing and laughing. We clicked instantly. But I had a boyfriend at the time and went to school in obviously nothing was going to come of it. But still, I thought about him quite a bit over the next year. And by quite a bit, I mean A LOT.  Don't look at me that way!  He was CUTE!

Anyway, fast forward to the year after I graduated from college. I was back home, working a crap job and making zero money. My mom was still working at Barnes & Noble, and got me a part time job there at nights for some extra cash. Scott was long-gone from working there, or so I thought...

Except then he came back. I cannot even tell you how excited I was to see him that day. He was just like I nice, and so sweet, and so funny, and soooooo cute.  And I was a nervous idiot around him. The first time he asked me out, we were going to go get a drink after work. Except then he had to help some kid close out his cash register, and they were in the back office counting it out and the door was closed and I got nervous waiting and I thought "well, maybe i misunderstood when he said 'want to get a drink after work' because why would he want to get a drink with me" and then I panicked and just LEFT.  Without even saying anything! Why did I do that?  Because he was so CUTE!

I was so nervous to see him at work the next day, considering that I'd just totally date ditched him the night before.  But you know what he did when he saw me?  He started laughing and looked at me like I was the most adorable thing ever.  And I knew, right then and there - this guy gets me.  There is finally someone out there that gets me.  We've been inseparable ever since.

I found out later that it hadn't been just me thinking about him during that year after we first met.  Apparently he'd been thinking about me that whole time, too.  It's like we both just knew we were supposed to be together right from the very first moment we met.

Nine months after we started dating, I moved to St. Louis to start law school.  We thought that it made the most sense for Scott to join me there after the fall semester if we handled the long-distance thing okay.  That lasted about one month, and then he got in his truck and drove down to live with me.  We got engaged at the beginning of my last year of law school, and got married right after I took the bar exam.

And that's how I met my Scotty.



Sadia said...

Okay. That "How I met your fsther" story deserves to be made into a movie. :)

Amber said...

What an adorable meetup story! Oh! And I'm glad to realize that there really is some sort of body hidden under a twin pregnancy. Right about now, I am pretty unsure, so thanks for the hope! :) I feel like Shamu already!

Kmama said...

What a sweet story about you and Scott. I'm so glad someone snuck that question in the last Q&A post!

sara said...

Awwww...what a cute story. You guys are totally adorable!

Belle n' Kent said...

I am SO glad someone asked you the "how you first met" question!!! LOVED your story!!!
You really need to do quarterly Q&A's -- thoroughly enjoyed this round!
And now I kinda want to go check out Sex For Dummies at the library... hahaha ;)

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Loving you story about how you met your husband. Thank you for a smile today. Reminds me of meeting my husband. It is amazing how fast times flies.

Katherine said...

What a great story!

My motherstyle was ISPF or something. But it said I was quiet. So I need to go take it again.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Megan, you're my favourite sort of person - the exact opposite of me. Seriously, some of my best friends are INFP.

And I'm so glad I asked about how you met. It is a BEAUTIFUL story and Sadia's right - total movie material. The story was totally worth waiting for.

Thanks so much - it was such fun getting to know more of you.

wonderchris said...

You guys should have a copy of Sex for Dummies framed in the house. :) What a great meeting!! :)

Anonymous said...

Bonding over "Sex for Dummies" hahaha love it!

That's a great story :)

BranderPaul said...

It still makes me smile :) If there is a couple that defines "soul mates" it's you guys :) LOVE IT!

Big Momma said...

i have to say, that's one of the best "how we met" stories ever. you guys are just too cute. :)