Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back in My Day, We Called it Rapunzel

Last weekend, Scott and I took the kids to see Tangled.

I looked up movie times online and selected the 12:05 showing.  We stuffed the kids in their winter coats, piled into Scott's truck and headed out to the theater down the road.  Then I realized I forgot to feed them lunch.  But no matter!  I had a pack of twizzlers and gummy worms stuffed in my purse.  That would tie them over.

We parked and herded them into the movie theater lobby.  Nobody else was around, so it must have been a slow day for movies.  Scott walked up to the ticket counter and requested two adult and three childrens' tickets for Tangled.

The ticket lady replied, "Sure, two adults and one child for Tangled."

And Scott said, "No, two adults and three children."  He is so honest, isn't he?  I do not know if I am as morally upstanding as he is, although I suppose it's more difficult to sneak two puffy-coated children past the ticket taker than a pack of twizzlers.

Then the ticket lady said, "Oh, are any of them two or under?"

And Scott said, "No."  Dang, he is really honest!  I really married a stand-up a guy. 

And then the ticket lady said, "That will be $47.00."  And I might have shrieked "WHAT!?!?!?"  Forty-seven dollars!!  For a movie!?!  For a kid movie that I didn't even want to see and that (god love my kids) they wouldn't even appreciate anyway!?!?

I almost passed out.  Apparently I hadn't noticed that the 12:05 showing was for the 3D version of Tangled.  And 3D movies cost extra.  A lot extra, particularly if you're buying tickets for a family of five. 

I looked to see when the next showing of non-3D Tangled was scheduled.  It wasn't until 1:00.  Now, some people might try to explain to their three non-lunch-fed aged five and under children that they need to wait for an hour before they can see the movie that their mom got them super-hyped up to see on the drive over.   Those people are crazy.  So we forked over the $47.00 and got our tickets and our fancy 3D glasses.

(I saw the recycle bin for the 3D glasses as we walked into our theater and I actually said "HA!" out loud.  We were soooooo keeping our glasses.) 

Anyway, the movie was cute.  I did have an awkward moment when Ashley whispered to me that Rapunzel was not being a good girl because she didn't listen to her mommy.  I tried to quietly explain that the "mommy" was a bad guy and you don't have to listen if your mommy is a bad guy, and well...let's just say that now she might try sneaking out of the house a lot earlier than one would normally anticipate.  Dang Disney.

But the 3D was cool.  In fact, there was this one scene with lanterns where I said "Ooh, Aidan put your glasses back on so you can see this!"  Yeah.  So when is this 3D craze going to be over again?  I have enough to think about without having to check both the time and the viewing format of my movies.  But the good news is, when it's time for the next movie my kids probably won't say "OH, can we see it in 3D, mommy pleeeeease!?!?", because they think 3D movies are just super fuzzy movies. 

Super fuzzy expensive movies.  Grumble.



wonderchris said...

Hilarious. One day your kids will read this post and appreciate the monetary sacrifices that were made. :)

Klove said...

Yeah, I took my 3 yr old to see the 3D Tangled and I couldn't stop freaking out about how many people had probalby worn the glasses and that for sure she would get Lice...I too won't be going back to a 3D movie.

Cheryl said...

The sticker shock is...shocking. Truly.

Anonymous said...

$47?? CRAZY!

One thing I love about Mexico is the low movie prices. 1 adult ticket is around $3.50. I think the 3D ones are around $5. That's the only thing that's cheaper here, though haha

I'm glad you liked the movie! I've been trying to decide if I want to see it.

Jen said...

This is so funny to me because I did the same thing. I took Hayden to see this movie so it was only him and me but he had to see it in 3D and then the kid didn't wear the glasses at all.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand 3D. It makes me dizzy. Only ONE of my kids has ever been to the theater. I tend to wait until I can rent the movie or see it On Demand. So yeah that puts us months after it came out, but so.much.cheaper. But that movie looks adorable and I'm thinking that it might be fun to do over Christmas vacation. Or not, because I have two almost 4 year olds.

Katherine said...

We usually take out kids to one movie a year. And lately, it's been in 3D. Because, surprisingly, they like it. Even though my youngest doesn't wear the glasses half the time, he does keep them and wear them around the house. I think he just prefers his life to be blurry.

Kmama said...

My hubby took our oldest to see the movie. They said it was cute, and that's about it.

I don't like 3D movies either. Extra money for what? I hate wearing glasses on my face, and what kid leaves them on??

Krystyn said...

I guess it's just me and one kiddo for that pricey. Holy cow.

And, I don't get the 3D craze, either. I mean now, TVs are 3D. I don't get it.

Brandy@YDK said...

i've only seen 1 movie in 3d and blah.

sara said...

I would have passed out! Especially since I can't see 3D...I'm near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other. That whole craxe is just lost on me.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I too learned my 3D lesson ie: check times for NON 3D movie. Holy hannah! EVERYTHING is stupid expensive (not to be confused with stupid excited!) 3D now! Just trying to milk us for all we're worth!

Sadia said...

It came in 3D too?

We really enjoyed it, but the movie theater seats were built for people heavier than Mel and Jess and kept trying to swallow them. I ended up with two four-year-olds crowded in my lap.

So glad I didn't have triplets. I'd have to get a bigger lap.

Annette said...

I hear you loud and clear on this one. My husband and I haven't been out to see a movie together for several years, so when we went out on a Saturday night to see a movie in 3D, we couldn't believe the cost for the two of us was $32.00. Good grief! We won't make that mistake again...(I'm glad, at least, it was a cute movie.)