Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome to the Old Apartment

I was 23 years old when Scott and I moved into our first apartment together.  I was in my first year of law school at the time and not working, and Scott had a crap-paying job.  So believe me when I tell you - this place was a dump.

It had a radiator that would take 3 days to turn on.  And then once it was turned on, it would take another 3 days for it to turn off.  And there was only one temperature - hot.  It was a very confusing winter.

There was only one washer and dryer for the building, and you could only get to it by walking down the fire escape and entering the basement through the outside of the building.  This basement was scary.  Like dark, damp, single lightbulb swinging scary.  Like cobwebs, creaky doors, blacked out windows scary.  Like the lambs are screaming Clarice OMG scary.  I wore a lot of dirty clothes my first year of law school.

It had a wall-unit air conditioner that you could not run at the same time as the microwave.  FYI - microwaves are used often when you are in your first year of law school.  If you happened to forget to turn the air conditoner off, you would blow a fuse.  Which you had to change in the basement.  See above. 

If the person who lived in the apartment directly above you decided to take a shower at the same time as you, you would be alternately scalded and frozen with hot and cold water.  So much cursing was done in that shower.  Brings a whole new meaning to the word potty mouth.

And - worst of all - there was no dishwasher.  I know.

Scott and I often reminisce about this first apartment.  Like tonight, when the dishwasher was already full and I refused to hand wash the rest of the dishes due to P.A.S.D.  (Post-Apartment Stress Disorder).  It's a life-time disability, unfortunately.



Liz said...

Now you have me singing the BNL song!

That sounds like a pretty nasty place, but it's good to have something like that to look back on and think, "Look how far we've come!" :)

Kmama said...

LOL Sounds like you made some great memories in that apartment!

sara said...

Oh I have PASD from my college appartment too! It really is tragic!

Brandy@YDK said...

I remember the first "home" together that chris picked out by himself in the latino villa in texas. a duplex - with grafitti on the side.

Danae said...

Our first apartment had issues too- but perhaps not as bad as yours. The oven often refused to turn on, or would turn off mid-cook. The living room window leaked, the plumbing in the bathroom broke once, dousing our apartment and the one below us with enough water to make their ceiling fall down. It was awful. Good memories! :)

Anonymous said...

"The lambs are screaming" hahahaha

I actually prefer not having a dishwasher. Here's how I see it:

Dishwasher: rinse, load, fill washer with soap, wait for it to wash, unload massive amounts of dishes.

Handwashing: rinse with soap, put on rack. Put away a few dishes a day. Done.

Handwashing just seems like less work to me! (Then again, unloading the dishwasher has always been my least favorite chore haha)

At our first home now, our boiler doesn't work, and Jorge has been dragging his feet to fix it. I have to heat water on the stove and shower from a bucket.

blueviolet said...

I will never complain again about my humble beginnings. You win!

Jen said...

I ALWAYS enjoy reading your blog :) even though I rarely comment, I do follow. Thanks for having such a lighthearted blog..It's refreshing :)

MommaKiss said...

I'm sorry i haven't been by in ages. JUST signed up for the e-mail posts. Been ignoring my google reader, but now I'm IN!

We had this 350 sq foot condo. Could barely burp without the other one smelling it. I loved that damn place.

Jayme said...

I once lived in an apartment just like that. Two rooms, a kitchen/dining room, that had no room for a if you wanted to actually put chairs around it, and a bedroom/living room, which had no room for living if you put a bed in it. One tiny closet, two kitchen cabinets, and the bathroom- oy! You could sit on the toilet and wash your hands at the same time it was so cramped.

Katherine said...

I should write about my first apartment(s). I've had many. I too suffer from PASD. What a great disease.

Kim said...

Our dishwasher is currently washing and our sink is full of dirty dishes. We avoid hand washing for the same reason!!

Nicole said...

I just love reading your blog. You are such an incredible writer. Very entertaining!

Everyone needs to live in a piece-of-crap apartment at least once in their life.