Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap, With a Few Random Digressions

Oof, I am still recovering from Thanksgiving.  In fact, I just finished washing the china tonight.  True story.

Everything turned out delish.  My parents and I split up food-making duties, with my mom and dad handling the turkey and secret family stuffing and mashed potatoes and me handling the sweet potatoes and green bean casserole and pumpkin pie.

Although, technically, my parents did have help from Ashley and Owen on the secret family stuffing.   My family looooooves this stuffing.  And it's a rite of passage for the kids in our family to help make it because it involves a lot of bread squishing and well, kids love to squish.  This is the first year Owen helped.


He looks a mite concerned, doesn't he?  I think he was worried he'd have to taste it.  Which, silly Owen, you don't get to taste the stuffing until it's fully cooked, give or take a couple of hours.  Also, stuffing tasting by children is not allowed unless an adult is willing to share, and well, nobody usually is. 

Aidan didn't participate in the stuffing preparation.  Instead, he laid prostrate on the kitchen floor for some reason that I'm sure seemed really important to a three-year old at the time but that none of us can remember now.  You know, it was probably because I made him drink out of the green cup instead of the blue cup at breakfast.  O, la tragedia!


Random Sidenote:  I know I've spoken of Aidan's hair troubles before on the blog.  But, I don't think I've talked about how Aidan's hair is one of the easiest ways you can tell the twins apart.  See, when Aidan's hair gets too long, the back of it swirls into a cyclone shape, which one of my friends aptly dubbed "The Tornaidan".  You can totally see it in this picture. 


So, if you ever come to visit us, now you know how to tell the twins apart.  [/end random sidenote]

Okay, enough digressing!  In addition to all the food-making, Ashley and I crafted up some Thanksgiving place cards.  When I first asked her if she knew what a place card was, she told me "Sure, mommy.  A pa-lace card is when a police man sends you a card in the mail because it is a nice thing to do."  Which, fair enough.  So then I told her I meant to ask her if she knew what a place card was, and then we were off and running.  


They turned out cute, no?  Ashley wrote everybody's names once I spelled them out for her.  Luckily everyone had short names, because those turkey place cards are not very roomy, are they. 


The table turned out looking pretty nice too.  Again, I failed at taking pictures of the food because I was too busy eating.  But what can you do.  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving too!

P.S.  I got an insane amount of blog hits on Thanksgiving on my Thanksgiving Status Update post.  It was bigger than my SITS day, no joke, people.  Unfortunately, I did not see anyone use any of my incredibly clever and witty status updates on Facebook.  Oh well.  I'll just have to up my game for Christmas.


Steph said...

Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving (are you sure no one used any of your status updates?). Love the "Tornaidan" and the police cards were beautiful.

Kmama said...

It cracks me up that people google Thanksgiving status' for Facebook. But score one for you!!

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

Jen said...

You use china?

This puts me to shame, I used paper products.

blueviolet said...

Between the torn-aidan and the pa-lace card, you sure had me giggling here!

sara said...

The place cards are adorable!

And Ashley is right, it *is* nice when police send out cards. Hehehe

wonderchris said...

Super fun Thanksgiving! The place cards are perfect - Ashley rocked it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Megan: You forgot to mention how Aiden was running around the house and right into his 95 year old Great Grandmother's lap.