Friday, November 19, 2010

School Pictures: A Worthwhile Financial Investment. Not.

We got the boys' school pictures back this week.  (Note to Self:  There's a reason why they make you fill out the order form before you see the pictures.  Remember that next year when you're trying to figure out what package to buy.)

Aidan's wasn't too terrible.  He's got hair issues, but that's nothing new


Now my darling Owen, on the other hand.  When he got home from school on picture day and I asked him if he smiled big, he insisted that he in fact did NOT smile big.  And that he was MAD.  But still I thought, "Oh, certainly the photographer got him to crack at least a little smile.  He wouldn't have just snapped a picture of Owen's mad face."


I underestimated my Owen.

At least he looks a little happier in the group pic.  Although I'm not sure what Aidan's pouting about.  Maybe that Owen has two girlfriends while he only has one?


I guess it's true what they say...girls always go for the bad boy. 



Holly said...

Oh my, this made me smile. Seriously, in the day and of of digital photography someone thought that Owen's picture was going to be acceptable? That you would put it in with your Christmas cards and not have family members wondering why he looks so angry? Thanks for sharing!!!!

wonderchris said...

I love his mad face!! That's too funny.

What a ladies man!!!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, none of my school pictures were that great growing up.

My sisters and I all had bangs, and the day before picture day, mom would get a piece of scotch tape, place it across our bangs and cut in a straight line. She always cut it about half an inch too short. Great for letting the bangs grow in... not great for looking stupid on picture day.

I think Aidan's hair looks fine!

Catherine said...

Love Owen's picture. I need to share the boys preschool pics on facebook. John's was worse than Owen's - he wouldn't even look at the camera so you have a profile of him looking down with a similar expression.

Brandy@YDK said...

Cute! They will trick next year with awesome pictures

Katherine said...

That cracks me up. We always get the annual school pictures and for the most part, they've been okay. But not spectacular. How do they sucker us in to buying these every year?

Ruth Anne said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, ohhhhh Megan, that's so great. I feel for ya, and I'll probably be eating my words when we get Kate's pictures back. ;-)

Amber said...

Bwahahahahahah! That's funny stuff---LOVE the mad faces. Crack me up! At least they make for great memories and not the standard fake looking smile pics from year to year :)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I quit buying the school pics years ago because I hate them so much, but our school district still sends the pictures home for you to look at so you can decide whether to buy them or not. The trick is that if you decide not to buy them, you have to send them back to school with your kid and then your kid knows you didn't like the pretty picture of them and they feel bad. Sneaky bastards.
I think the pictures of Owen and Aiden are perfect! The funny ones are the best!

Liz said...

You'd think the photog would be good with kids and be able to get a better smile! Also, I think I'm doing a LTTMMSE post! I'm doing it probably for tomorrow, but I'll include your button!