Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm ready to tire now. Does this mean I can re-tire soon?

My birthday is in a few weeks.  I'll be turning 35.

{pause for dramatic effect}

That's right.  35.  Mid-thirties.  Half-way to dead. 

Funny how most days I still feel like I'm 16.  A very responsible 16 year old, but still.

In my (almost) 35 years on this planet, I feel like I've accomplished a lot.  Yes, there's a lot of stuff still left to do, but considering that I will become old and decrepit in a few weeks, I'm going to focus on my past accomplishments.  Making a to-do list will just make me more tired, and I need to conserve my energy for the years ahead.

So, without further ado, here is my list of:

11 Things That I Have Accomplished In 35 Years

1.  Graduated from law school.  Which maybe this should be on the list of things I'm not necessarily glad I did.  But who cares - it was hard, so on the list of accomplishments it goes.

2.  Passed the bar exam.  I will never study for anything again.

3.  Married the love of my life (i.e., Scott, just in case you weren't sure).

4.  Kept three children alive since 2005.  I'm not making any promises for the future, but so far so good.

5.  Co-authored a book that was published.  A dang boring book about legal stuff, but I say it counts.

6.  Traveled to some pretty interesting foreign places.  Egypt, Israel, Italy, Greece, Germany, and Tijuana.  Probably had the most fun in TJ.

7.  Took my love and took it down.  Climbed a mountain then I turned around.  And I saw...wait, those are the lyrics to Landslide.

8.  Lived at Mission Beach in San Diego during my junior and senior year of college.  Watched many beautiful ocean sunsets.  And a few sunrises too, wink wink. 

9.  Watched every single episode of Blue's Clues ever made.  This was unintentional, but an accomplishment nonetheless.

10.  Started the Beanie Baby craze of the 90's.  I can't prove this, but I'm telling you, it all started with me and my after-school job at the Village Toymaker in 1993. 

11.  Won "Funniest Blog" in the 2010 Multiple and More Blog Awards.  Except I haven't done that yet.  But you could help me by clicking here, scrolling down and voting for Twinsomnia.  You can vote once per day!

(I'm totally losing right now.  Help an (almost) 35 year old's dream come true, will you?  Do it for the elderly!)



Christina said...

Haha, you crack me up. :)
Ive been voting...return the favor will ya? ;)

wonderchris said...

I suppose you are getting a Metamucil cake for your birthday - you know...because you are so old and all. :)

Happy Birthday (a little early)!! Great list!

Jen said...

Wow, those are some really awesome accomplishments for 35 years.

And I would vote for you but I want to win. How about we just vote for each other?

Brooke G. said...

I hope your fingers stay arthritis free enough for you to still type past thirty-five cause your blog posts make me laugh my ass off! I am totally voting :D Daily. If I remember. My memory is shot, I am 33 and gaining on you, Old Lady!

Anonymous said...

Voted for ya :) You deserve it.

That's quite an impressive list! Blues Clues? Is that show still on?

Funny in My Mind said...

I am trying to remember where I stumbled across your blog but since I am almost 41 *gasp!*, who even knows.
You are very adorable and funny and i am glad I found you.

ps. I am truly NOT a lesbian- just an appreciator of humor
and ditto on the Blue's Clues.

Brandy@YDK said...

Such a great list. And yay for being nominated

Big Momma said...

congratulations on your many accomplishments and happy birthday! we are also well on our way with the blues clues... it's like baby-crack or something!


Katherine said...

I think I say this everytime, but you make me laugh.

I put on my life achievements knowing the theme song to each Playhouse Disney show and knowing the names of (nearly) all the Transformers. I'm right with out about the thing people think should be the biggest thing (law school or medical school) is the one I'm the least sure about.

sara said...

Happy almost birthday! As a special gift, I voted :D

Also I feel pretty certain that you did start the beanie baby craze. I was going to mention it before, but didn't want to embarrass you. Clearly we're kindred spirits, because I don't usually mention it, but I started the whole jelly sandals movement of the 80s.

Belle said...

And then it dawned on me...this entire list was just a ploy to get my vote!

Ooohhh...okay fine. ;)

Joan said...

Found your blog via the nominations! Love your wit.. will visit again =)