Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Love Letter to October

Dear October,

This letter is being sent on behalf of working mothers everywhere.  Well, working mothers who have a crapload of stuff to do this month.  And also mothers with kids who won't play by themselves.  Or sleep.  Or eat their vegetables. 

But I digress!

Where were we, dear October?  Ah yes.  I hadn't gotten started yet.  Anyways, as I was about to say before I rudely interrupted myself, it has come to my attention that we are already finished with seven out of your thirty-one days.  I find this very disheartening.  Because, to be frank, October...I love you.  I always have.  And I always will.

I want to go apple picking with you.

I want to go on a hayride with you.

I want to get lost in a corn maze with you.

I want to taste sweet, sweet candy corn with you.

But you are going by much too fast.  Don't you understand that I have responsibilities?  That I can't just drop everything for you, no matter how much I want to?  Yes, I want more than anything to make this wreath.  It's adorable, I admit it!  And dammit - I'm dying to make those owl sugar cookies!  And I don't even like nuts!  And don't even go there, October.  Don't you even bring up the mummy dogs.  That's a low blow, even for you.

Oh, October.  What are we going to do?

If only you would wait for me, my darling.  Will you?  Will you, please?


Well, FINE.  I always thought November was cuter anyway.


A Much Too Busy Megan



Jen said...

I so hear ya. October is so busy for me too and then starts the down ward spin to the holidays. Hold on, the busy times are here again.

Sadia said...

No kidding! Pair general October activities with Lucas leaving next month, and there's far more to do than we can possibly fit in.

wonderchris said...

I'm hoping you get to fit at least some of your October activities in...especially the corn maze!! :)

Anonymous said...

After watching Martha Stewart on Oprah, browsing fabulous, crafty blogs and perusing the fabulous fall cooking magazines, working or not, it goes WAY too fast and there's not enough time to do it all!!

Danae said...

My sister-in-law made that wreath, and it turned out so cute! I hope you find a little time to squeeze in some craft-y time, and everything else you have to do.

Jen said...

I found your blog through my sister-in-law, Ruth Anne. Anyhow, I just LOVE to read it. It is so lighthearted and fun.
So thanks. :)
Have a good weekend-Jen

Katherine said...

We are just flying through fall, aren't we? I haven't had time to do a single cute fall-related thing.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE October... Love fall in general :) Just made some apple crisp to seal the deal!

Krystyn said...

October is a whirlwind here. Both girls birthdays and my sisters. I swear I blink and it's over.