Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ladybugs Who Bug a Lady (Now With Post-Edit)

Everybody loves ladybugs, right?  I even dressed Ashley up as one a few Halloween's back.

Or is she a butterfly?  I swear I thought it was a ladybug costume.  The twins were 9 months old at the time, so cut me some slack.

Anyways, as I was saying, everybody loves a ladybug, especially when you're a preschooler.  Ladybugs are the "it" bug of the three to five year old sect.  Spiders?  Way too scary.  Flies?  Highly annoying.  Dragonflies?  Don't even go there.  But the ladybug is a friend to all.  They're cute, they're not too fast, they have fun little polka dots...what more can you ask for in a bug? 


I'll tell you what I'd like to ask for.  I'd like to ask the ladybugs not to have millions of ladybug babies in my house.  Because that's what I have going on in my home right now. There are ladybugs everywhere.

And I don't care what old school Sesame Street has to say about the matter.  It is not cute.  No, it's not cute at all.

And what do you do when you have a ladybug infestation in your house?  You can't smush them.  Oh God, no.  You can't.  It's just wrong.  Instead, you must catch them.  Catch them and release them into the wild.  And God forbid you find a deceased ladybug, but if you must cover it with a blanket.  And mourn.

These are the things I have learned from my children.  That, and patience.  Loooooooooots of patience.


I have been informed by my faithful readers (and my mom) that these home invaders are NOT, in fact, ladybugs, but a form of Asian beetle.  Unfortunately, I do not think that this enables me to smush them guilt-free.  It feels like bug profiling, to be honest.  And I am not a buggist.  Unless you're a spider.  Then all bets are off.



Kmama said...

Are they truly the red and black ladybugs or are they the orange and black Japanese beetles?? We get infestations of the orange and black ones...and according to my rules...Not a ladybug? Squash it. ;-)

Krystyn said...

Ladybugs (in costume form) adorable...ladybugs in creapy-crawly form? Icky-ickity-ick!

Brandy@YDK said...

we lived in texas and were directly in the path of the great ladybug migration. like trails across the ceiling.

sara said...

We had a ladybug swarm at our house too. And I felt the same way. I just couldn't make myself squish them. They had to be dealt with in the most gentle fashion possible :)

wonderchris said...

WHOA....that is awful. Any infestations are awful....just the word is icky. :)

Have you ever seen a ladybug before it becomes cute?! Kinda a lot of freaky actually.

I hope your uninvited guests leave SOON!

Brooke G. said...

my little guy would have a field-day at your house. He LOVES ladybugs. We capture them and keep them in a tub. Not sure if that is feasible for you... but thought I would toss it out there :D

Belle said...

I remember the one summer we had a caterpillar infestation! Ah yes, the Great Fuzzy-festation of 1990. (Outside, not inside, thank goodness.) The walls of our house looked like they were moving, there were THAT many caterpillars! :)
Squish 'em? Eh. I think more of the mess.

LisaDay said...

I was also going to ask if it was the Asian variety of ladybug and if it is, you do want to be a buggist. Those things bite. However, when you squish them, they also stain whatever you have squished them on.


Emily said...

The first time I visited my future in-laws on the East Coast, they were suffering from a similar ladybug/beetle/unsquishable black-and-red bug/ invasion. Being from California where we purchased ladybugs by the bagful to eat aphids, I thought my in-laws were keeping these bugs as pets. Good thing I still married their son, despite my perception of their apparent lack of judgment in household animals!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I hear ya with the ladybug guilt...which is strong enough in my book to carry over to the Asian beetle, as well.

We had a little incident about a year ago, when the girls were 12 months or so. My hubby was after a fly. He finally caught it, but unfortunately it met its demise in front of the girls. Baby B was so upset, I had to rock her to sleep (which I've had to do probably all of 3 times in her / her sister's lives). We joke that she's just born to work for PETA. :)

Katherine said...

OMG, we have these too! I'm with you, I don't care if they are ladybugs or Japanese beetles, they are for all intents and purposes the same thing. "They" (being the bug guy) told us we have a lot since we live next to corn fields and when they harvest, the bugs go flying...right into our living room apparently.