Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ladybugs Who Bug a Lady (Now With Post-Edit)

Everybody loves ladybugs, right?  I even dressed Ashley up as one a few Halloween's back.

Or is she a butterfly?  I swear I thought it was a ladybug costume.  The twins were 9 months old at the time, so cut me some slack.

Anyways, as I was saying, everybody loves a ladybug, especially when you're a preschooler.  Ladybugs are the "it" bug of the three to five year old sect.  Spiders?  Way too scary.  Flies?  Highly annoying.  Dragonflies?  Don't even go there.  But the ladybug is a friend to all.  They're cute, they're not too fast, they have fun little polka dots...what more can you ask for in a bug? 


I'll tell you what I'd like to ask for.  I'd like to ask the ladybugs not to have millions of ladybug babies in my house.  Because that's what I have going on in my home right now. There are ladybugs everywhere.

And I don't care what old school Sesame Street has to say about the matter.  It is not cute.  No, it's not cute at all.

And what do you do when you have a ladybug infestation in your house?  You can't smush them.  Oh God, no.  You can't.  It's just wrong.  Instead, you must catch them.  Catch them and release them into the wild.  And God forbid you find a deceased ladybug, but if you must cover it with a blanket.  And mourn.

These are the things I have learned from my children.  That, and patience.  Loooooooooots of patience.


I have been informed by my faithful readers (and my mom) that these home invaders are NOT, in fact, ladybugs, but a form of Asian beetle.  Unfortunately, I do not think that this enables me to smush them guilt-free.  It feels like bug profiling, to be honest.  And I am not a buggist.  Unless you're a spider.  Then all bets are off.


Monday, October 25, 2010

A Day at Arbor Day Farm

On Sunday, Scott and I took the kids to visit Arbor Day Farm down in Nebraska City.  Let me tell you, I love this place.  They've got apples, they've got pumpkins, they've got hiking, they've got fun and interesting things for the kids to do.  They even have ginormous fuzzy caterpillars!


Isn't that thing freaky???  It was HUUUUUUUUUGE, and frankly, a little terrifying.  I almost ran back to the car but decided I shouldn't abandon the children.  They might have been eaten.

After the caterpillar near-attack, we did a little walking amongst the trails.  Don't my kids just look like trouble here?  In a super-cute evil villain kind of way?


Next, we climbed up to the top of a tall treehouse, where Ashley proceeded to pose with all she's got. 


I think I need to spend a little less time primping her for the camera and work more on Owen's "say cheese!" face.

At the end of the walking trails there is this little natural playground kids loooooved it.  Almost as much as the fuzzy caterpillar.  There was a xylophone thingy that they could have played with all day.  And it made nature-ish twinkly sounds so it wasn't even annoying!  I wish I had one of these in my backyard.


Then we were off to pick some apples.


Now let me tell you, it is slim pickings if you wait until the end of October to go pick apples.  I have no idea what kind of apples we ended up with, but they were the dregs of apple society, that's for sure.


The kids were slipping and sliding on apples the whole time we were picking.  It was like an episode of Preschooler Wipeout.   So we decided to call it a day.  But not before passing by the vineyards, where Ashley modeled some additional poses and Aidan...well, I don't know what Aidan was doing.


Did I mention that this place also has a winery?!?!  And a gorgeous hotel right across the street?  Hmmmm....a weekend away with my Scotty sans kids might be just what the doctor ordered.  Although who am I kidding.  We all know that I'm doomed to never vacation again.

But even though I didn't get any wine, I did get apple pie.  And I got to take some arty pictures.


And, even better than that, I was rewarded for providing a fun-filled family day with only *one* crabby child!  That's a record, people!


At least he sat on the pumpkin.  We can't have everything, can we.

Lovely Fall Foliage. Literally.

Sometimes, when you're exhausted after a long day, all you can do is post some pictures of fall foliage and call it a day.




Plus it's always fun to get to say "fall foliage".   Except when you are yelling "No, we are not going to watch another Dora on the DVD player!  For God's sake, look out the window and enjoy the fall foliage!"  Then you feel like you are an old crochety person.  But other than that, saying fall foliage is great.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Qualify, Or Not To Qualify...That is the Question

So, speech therapy.

The evaulation went well!  The boys just barely met the criteria, which is perfect because:

(i) they were far enough behind to qualify for services;

(ii) they were not so far behind that I need to feel guilty for not taking them in sooner to be evaluated.  (Tip of the Week:  Mommy guilt is powerful stuff.  I recommend avoiding it at all costs.)

So hurrah!  We have a meeting next week to discuss "next steps".  Which I assume will be teaching them to recite Shakespearean soliloquies.  Or maybe just getting them to call Scott "Daddy" instead of "Gaggy".  I'm good with either one.

Thanks for all your good thoughts everybody.  I really appreciated all the sweet (and funny) comments.  :-) 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And Now, A Very Special Episode of Twinsomnia

Tomorrow morning, the boys are being evaluated to see if they qualify for speech therapy services.  This isn't the first time they've been evaluated for speech issues, but I'm pretty sure it will be the first time they actually qualify.

I'm not gonna lie.  I'm feeling a little nervous.  A little guilty.  And a whole lotta bummed-out-ness.  (Note to Self:  Do not use the term "bummed-out-ness" around the speech therapist.)

I actually thought the boys' speech had been improving immensely lately, but their preschool teachers are having a heck of a time understanding them.  And apparently bringing Ashley in from the classroom down the hallway to translate is not the most feasible idea.  Which we did suggest, considering Ashley can understand absolutely everything that they say.  It's uncanny.  Or else it's just that she has a limited vocabulary, and therefore doesn't need to cycle through millions of words like the rest of us when trying to figure out what the hell the boys are talking about.  But I prefer to think it's uncanny.  (Note to Self:  Make sure to use the word "uncanny" around the speech therapist.  It sounds smart.)

So it's off to the speech therapist we go.   On the one hand, I hope they qualify, because jeesh it would be nice if more than three people in the world could understand them.  On the other hand, I hope they don't qualify, because they're my babies!!!  I feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hy'ell No My Baby Don't Need No Speech Therapy.

But I guess it's good that we're at least getting started on the process, wherever it may take us.  Wish us luck!  And pray that the speech therapist has a good sense of humor. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pillow Talk: A Devastating Revelation

October 17, 2010
11:45 p.m.
Scott & Megan's Bedroom

All is quiet, when out of nowhere a voice pipes up in the darkness...

Me:  Did you have fun at lunch today?

Scott:  Yeah.

Me:  How's Jeremy doing?

Scott:  Good.

Me:  Did you talk about anything interesting?

Scott:  We talked about Hawaii.

Me:  Oh yeah?

Scott:  Jeremy said he would never go to Hawaii because of the Brady Bunch.

Me:  What?

Scott:  Something about a tarantula and the Brady Bunch.

Me:  Ah, yes.  The tarantula on Peter's chest when he was sleeping.  That was scary as shite.

Scott:  What?

Me:  The tarantula.  And Greg almost dying in the surfing contest!  Because of that Hawaiian tiki thing.  You gotta be careful of those.

Scott:  I've never seen that episode.

Me:  WHAT!?

Scott:  I only remember one episode of the Brady Bunch.  When the dad got trapped in the building. 

Me:  WHAT!?

Scott:  On the reunion episode.

Me:  WHAT!?

How I married a man that has (i) never seen the Hawaiian episode of the Brady Bunch, and (ii) only remembers a reunion episode of the Brady Bunch, is completely beyond me.

What about Davy Jones, Scott?

What about Marcia Marcia Marcia, Scott?

What about Pork Chops and Applesauce, Scott?

What about When It's Time to Change You've Got to Rearrange, Scott?

I feel like my whole world is falling down around me.  Thank goodness he's at least seen every episode of Saved by the Bell. 

Right, Scott?  RIGHT!?!?  Wait...don't tell me.  I don't want to know.

And the moral of the story is...  Beware of pillow talk, people.  You never know what you might find out about your loved ones.  Also, keep an eye out for tarantulas.  Just in case.


Monday, October 11, 2010

She craft! She craft!

On Saturday evening, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to take control of my October.  So I packed up Ashley in the minivan and took her with me to Hobby Lobby to buy Halloween crafting materials.

Now let me stop here to explain something.  I am not a crafty person.  But oh, how I wish I was.  I constantly have visions of cute little crafty pillows and wreaths and apothecary jars floating around in my non-crafty brain.  And let me tell you, they all look excellent in there.  But once my crafts emerge from my brain into the tangible world, the excellence comes to a screeching halt.

I am like the William Hung of the crafting world.  Heavy on the enthusiasm - light on the talent. 

Take, for example, my project on Saturday night.  I had decided to make the adorable candy corn wreath I referenced in my last post.  Easy peasy, right?  It had step-by-step directions!  All I needed was a wreath thingy, some candy corn, some paint, something called a circuit or a cricut or whatever to cut a paper flower embellishment, and some hodgepodge.  Oh, and a glue gun, but I already owned that so awesome. 

So Ashley and I made our way into Hobby Lobby and headed off to the wreath section.  And almost immediately, I was befuddled.

Hmm.  I don't remember the wreath thingy in the instructions being styrofoam.  Are there other kinds of wreath thingies? 

So I walked around the store once.  Nope.  No other wreath thingies.

Hmm.  I guess I'll just get one of these styrofoam wreath thingies then.  But hmmm.  Can you paint styrofoam?  I almost called Scott to ask, but I didn't want to embarass myself in front of all the crafty people walking around.  Also, Ashley was now wearing the wreath thingy around her neck so I thought it best just to move on.

Next up was the candy corn.  No trouble there.  I may not know crafts, people, but I do know candy.

Now for paint.  No problemo!  Except did you know that there are different types of paint?  Acrylic, tempura (isn't that for stir fry?), and I can't remember the other types.  So I didn't know what the heck to buy.  I kept looking for a "Plain Paint" aisle but couldn't find it.  They really need to get one of those. 

I finally crossed my fingers and went with acrylic.  Now off to find the circuit.  Or crickert.  I cannot remember how it is spelled.  Also, I have no idea what it is.  After roaming the aisles for a little while, I decided to cut my losses and just buy a fake flower to stick in the wreath instead.  Then it was time to find the hodgepodge.  Except I realized it was actually called modpodge when I totally found it by accident.  So that was a lucky break.   

Later that night, I laid out all my crafting materials on the table before me and started crafting away.  During the process, I learned a few crafting tips that I thought I would share with you all.

1.  You can paint styrofoam with acrylic paint, but it's a pain in the arse. 

2.  Hot glue is great for sticking candy corn on a styrofoam wreath, except for the fact that hot glue melts styrofoam.

3.  Don't burn your fingers with a hot glue gun because it hurts like a MOTHER. 

4.  You may get the shakes if you eat too much candy carn while crafting.  This can also up the likelihood of more glue gun burns.  See number 3.

5.  When you're ready to hang up your wreath, use something cute like a ribbon.  I went with twine for a "rustic" look and it kind of looks like I lynched it instead.

6.  Also, get someone to help you hang it up.  Otherwise you might lose some candy corns from banging it around too much.  And you don't want the little ones to eat hodgepodged candy corns.  Unless they skipped their naps.

And if you got all the way through this post, you will now be rewarded with a picture. 

Watch out, Martha Stewart.  I've got a glue gun and I'm not afraid to use it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Love Letter to October

Dear October,

This letter is being sent on behalf of working mothers everywhere.  Well, working mothers who have a crapload of stuff to do this month.  And also mothers with kids who won't play by themselves.  Or sleep.  Or eat their vegetables. 

But I digress!

Where were we, dear October?  Ah yes.  I hadn't gotten started yet.  Anyways, as I was about to say before I rudely interrupted myself, it has come to my attention that we are already finished with seven out of your thirty-one days.  I find this very disheartening.  Because, to be frank, October...I love you.  I always have.  And I always will.

I want to go apple picking with you.

I want to go on a hayride with you.

I want to get lost in a corn maze with you.

I want to taste sweet, sweet candy corn with you.

But you are going by much too fast.  Don't you understand that I have responsibilities?  That I can't just drop everything for you, no matter how much I want to?  Yes, I want more than anything to make this wreath.  It's adorable, I admit it!  And dammit - I'm dying to make those owl sugar cookies!  And I don't even like nuts!  And don't even go there, October.  Don't you even bring up the mummy dogs.  That's a low blow, even for you.

Oh, October.  What are we going to do?

If only you would wait for me, my darling.  Will you?  Will you, please?


Well, FINE.  I always thought November was cuter anyway.


A Much Too Busy Megan


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Bit of Bloggy Business and A Whole Lotta Randomness

1.  I was feeling all creative last night and redid my blog header and tweaked my layout.  Fancy, no? 

2.  The rankings for Top Mommy Blogs has been reset.  Give a girl a little boost in self-esteem and vote for me by clicking below, will ya?

Vote For Use @ Top Mommy Blogs

3.  I bought a Snickers from the vending machine yesterday and it gave me TWO Snickers instead of just one.  I was super excited.  But now I am feeling guilty that the next person who tries to buy a Snickers may just get an empty vending machine coil roll.  I'm sorry, random Snickers purchaser.

4.  Don't you just love saying Snickers?

And that is all.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From That Green Planet Just Past the Tiny Hot One. You Can't Miss It.

On Saturday, Scott and I went out on a spur-of-the-moment double date with our dear friends Mike and Molly.

(Sidenote:  This means Date Night Challenge:  A Spa Getaway has again been rescheduled to sometime next weekend, hopefully.  A real date always trumps Date Night Challenge, especially when it's with Mike and Molly).

Molly and I texted back and forth regarding the details.  We decided to go to dinner somewhere at Village Pointe, which is a quaint little outdoor shopping area in Omaha with lots of restaurants to pick from.  The plan was to meet at 7:30 in front of Scheel's, which is a flagship sporting goods store right in the center of the shopping area. 

Here's a map:


Yes, I drew it myself.  I think I missed my calling as an architect. 

Anyhoo, Scott and I parked behind Scheel's, which is designated as "STORE" in the map, in case you were having trouble.  Architecture is complicated stuff, so I don't blame you.  So we park back there and Scott asks me "Are we meeting them in the front or the back-front?" 

And I said "We're meeting them in the front."  And then I thought "What the heck is a back-front?", but since we were on a date I didn't make fun of him out loud.  You know, to save the romance.  

So we get to the back door and I start to walk inside and Scott says "Why are you going in?  Aren't we meeting them in the front?"  And I was all "This is the back."  And he was all "No, this is the front."  And I was all "You crazy." 

Then we walked through the store and came out the front door and out into the shopping center where we saw Mike and Molly and I am telling Scott, see here they are!  In the front!  And look at all these other stores!  This is a shopping center! These are all the fronts!  Don't you see?

And he agreed that all the other stores were fronts.  But he still insisted Scheel's was the back.  So I pointed at all the stores and said "What, does it go front front front back front front front?"  And he was all "Yes."

And then I started to wonder how I could be married to a person who doesn't know what's a back and what's a front.  I mean, come on! 

But then he said something about how we should have decided to meet on the "south" side, because that would have been more clear.

Hmm.  South.  You know, I have no idea where that is.  Opposite of North, which is....hmm.

Thank God we're married so we go most places together.  Otherwise we might never find each other again. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not the Way I Would Have Done It, But...

Today the kids and I were water-coloring paper leaves to hang on our kitchen windows.  After awhile the boys decided that two of the paper leaves we'd already hung up were the "mommy" and "daddy" leaves of all the "baby" leaves we were currently painting.

Ashley vehemently disagreed.  "No boys.  Those aren't the mommy and daddy leaves."

The boys were sad.  So Ashley said, "Well, okay boys.  They used to be the mommy and daddy leaves.  But now they're dead."

So I thought, "Aw."  And then "Wait, what?"  And then before I could think "How the heck am I gonna explain this one?" Ashley saved me the trouble by saying:

"But it's okay boys, because now they're in heaven.  Playing football."

Apparently Scott already explained the concept of death and the afterlife to our children, stay-at-home-dad style.

Kinda sounds like hell to me, but what can you do.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited: October Edition

Hey everybody, it's time to get stupid excited again! 

For those of you new to my blog, "Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited" is a feature I post on the first day of each month.   It's like Oprah's Favorite things - if Oprah was really cheap. And loved to shop at Kohl's.  Now, let me make clear that I am not hawking or reviewing products here.  Nobody's paying me or providing me with anything. LTTMMSE is just a little outlet for me to exclaim over and dissect little materialistic things that make me ridiculously excited.  Sidenote:  It doesn't take much, people.    

Grab the button below and link on up in the comments if you want to make your own list! I'd love to read what makes you STUPID excited too!!

Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited


Are you ready?  Then let's begin!  I've only got 5 this month, but they're all STUPID fabulous!


"Sweet Flower Beanie" from Forever 21

This adorable winter hat I just bought from Forever 21.  It only cost $6.80!  And it is sooooo cute and soft.  I don't plan to wear it all flippy/beret style like the picture above.  Instead, I plan to fold it over and wear it more like a cap.  I am STUPID excited for winter just so I can wear this thing.  I tried it on for Scott this morning and he said I looked like an actress straight out of a film noir from the 50's. 

What do you think?

Just call me Grace Kelly. I can take it. 


I know, I know.  Summer is over.  But my mom saw this recipe for Garlic-Lime Steak with Avocado Salsa on ABC News around Labor Day and passed it along to me, and I just had to share.  This stuff is DE-LISH.  Try it on a nice fall evening before you pack up the BBQ for the winter.


"Halloween Treat Bags" from Pottery Barn Kids

Alright, alright.  I'll stop with the summer stuff and move right on into Halloween.  I bought these pumpkin treat bags from Pottery Barn Kids a couple of years ago, and let me tell you - I get STUPID excited to bring them out every year.  They are just so darn cute.  I got each of the bags personalized with my kids' first names, which I not-so-humbly think was a genius move on my part.  With everyone's bag conveniently labelled, there are no fights about which bag belongs to which kid once we're back home from trick-or-treating.  Also, I can make sure I'm stealing candy evenly from all of them.  What!  You know you do it too.

P.S.  Here's a secret - wait until after Halloween to buy these and then just use them next year.  They get marked down so much after the holiday that the personalization is pretty much free.


"Vanilla Steamers" from Starbucks.  Or any other coffee joint.

Now I know everyone is all about the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks in the fall.  That bad boy gets a lot of press, deservedly so.  But there's another fall drink that I just love, and it's pretty simple.  In fact, I only found it on the "kid's menu" at Starbucks.  Which seriously...a kid's menu at Starbuck's??  Anyways.  It's the vanilla steamer, and it's basically just steamed milk with a shot of vanilla in it.  So simple and yet so, so good.  Definitely give it a whirl if you're in the mood for something mild and comforting.


Kids' art wall in my kitchen

I have this one wall in my kitchen that is big and blank and bare.  Ever since we moved in, I have struggled to find something to put on this wall.  Everything was either too big or too small, too flat or too textured, too round or not round enough.  It was basically driving me stupid crazy.  However, I think I have finally settled on something.  Basically, I just took some of my kids' drawings and water-colorings and framed them in 8x10 clip frames all along the wall.  It's like a museum of happy in my kitchen now.  Plus, my kids are stupid excited that they have "ART HANGING ON THE WALL, MOMMY OMG!"  Doesn't take much for my kids either, I guess.


And that's it for the October edition of LTTMMSE!  What's making you stupid excited this month?  I'd love to hear about it!