Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Bliss

This weekend has been beautiful.  And we've been outside in the backyard the entire time.  Luckily the kids indulged me and let me take ten bajillion pictures of them. 














(I couldn't decide if I liked it better in color or black and white).

 And I get to stay home again tomorrow too!  God bless the inventor of the 3-day weekend.


Karen and Gerard said...

Personally, I always prefer color to black and white. Nice pics. You may want to make a collage poster like I made through Kodak. It turned out great and I hung it on my computer room door where I see it every day.

Agnes said...

Your photos are so beautiful. So.... "soft".
Happy Labor Day Megan :-)

Katherine said...

These are absolutely gorgeous (just out of curiosity, what camera do you use. And any photo editing software?)

Three day weekends are so wonderful! More time for the family, more time for sleep. Just perfect all around.

liz said...

I like them dancing the best! though all those chalk photos were pretty cool, too.

Kmama said...

Those pictures are amazing!! It's hard to pic a fav, but maybe the one where Ashley is looking over her shoulder. Or the one of the two holding hands and dancing.

Big Momma said...

love the photos, looks like you had a great weekend! i love how simple things like playing outside and drawing with sidewalk chalk make kids so happy. :)


BranderPaul said...

YOU. ARE. GENIUS!!! Seriously, woman--your photos are just phenomenal!! And I must say--yes, Ashley is Scott's clone--but she's totally got your eyes :) GORGEOUS!!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Your kids are so beautiful! Hope you're having a good time today, too!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!

Sidewalk chalk is the best.

blueviolet said...

Holy cow, they're beautiful kids!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are precious! I love Ashley's little poses and super cute attitude. I also love the first pic of the sidewalk chalks, because you can see they've been used and enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the chalk ones. Glad you had a lovely long holiday weekend.

Kim said...

I like the color one best.

and all of you daughter. she's just...well, you know! no words!

wonderchris said...

I'm so glad they let you take so many pictures!!! They are so adorable - those kids!!

It really was a great 3-day weekend!! Glad you enjoyed yours too!

Christina said...

I love the pictures! Really beautiful. :)

sara said...

All that gorgeousness is too much to handle!! They are simply beautiful and the pictures are to die for!!!

Danae said...

I love the picture of the shorts and sandals. That's the way to remember summer!