Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taking One for the Team

Earlier this week I had to travel down to Kansas City and stay overnight for work. 

After a busy day, I checked in to my hotel. 

Which was really swanky.

And very quiet.

Where I ordered room service. 

And watched the Sex & The City movie on HBO. 

And fell asleep in a king size bed. 

By myself. 


The next day, a coworker who is a mother to one small child, said to me sympathetically:  "It must be so hard to travel down here and spend the night away from your children."

I nodded.  It was so hard.  So, so hard.  But I'm just that dedicated to my job, people.  If my work needs me, I will be there, pulling my weight.  You know how the saying goes - there is no "I" in "Team." 

There's also no "I" in "You want me to come down and stay at a hotel all by myself??  Holy crap yes!!"

But I didn't tell her that.  She'll get there in about, oh...two kids from now.  Give or take.



Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this! There are definitely some "perks" to being a working mom.

Agnes said...

Haha, good for you :-)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I was in Las Vegas for work a couple of years ago. After an excruciatingly long day of meetings (seriously!), there were a couple of us going out for a late dinner. We invited a third colleague to go, one whose boys were 2 and 4 at the time. She explained that she was going to take a hot bath and read a magazine. Of course I understood at the time...but now, since having children of my own, I understand on a whole new level. :)

Brooke G. said...

There really is no "I" in that entire sentence! I checked. Twice.
You should be rewarded for such selfless, sacrifice! At home AND at work :D

Sadia said...

Every time people say, "It must be SO HARD to work away from your kids," it takes all my self-control to bite my tongue. I love 'em, but you know what they say about distance and hearts and fonder.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Oh I am SOOOO with you. I can't wait to "take one for the team" :)

Uninterrupted time in a hotel room just sounds like heaven right now.

Liz said...

Love it, love it! Craig tells me ALL THE TIME how the best getaway we could ever imagine would be to stay in a hotel - doesn't matter where - that has room service, and order a movie and lie in bed and sleep all night long.

Christina said...

We're going away next month. Just the 2 of us...I can't wait. Not by myself, but that's okay. No kiddos, no poop, no crying, no yelling.
Glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

MommaKiss said...

I think I lost my comment :(
Anyway, I was just agreeing. I love hotel sleeps. All by my lonesome :)

Sheila said...

HA! Good for you!!! I know it's hard work - but yes...we ALL have to take one for the team every now and then! HEHE!!!

Brandy@YDK said...

I'm sooooo jealous.

Krystyn said...

Boy, that is rough.

Hubby went on a three day trip for work. I told him I wanted a vacation, too, and he looked at me like I grew horns. Seriously..they have no idea.

Danae said...

Over the summer, my hubby and I went away for a week. It was awesome. We didn't have to be stuck at home starting at 8 pm, no fights to break up, uninterupted sleep, no food to cut up into small pieces... Absolute bliss. :)