Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pinkalicious: The Musical

Today, Ashley and I went to see Pinkalicious: The Musical at the Rose Theater here in Omaha.  Also attending were my mom, my sister-in-law Jennifer, and my niece Ellie.


For those of you who are not parents to a little girl between the ages of three to six, Pinkalicious is a popular children's book about a little girl who turns pink from ingesting too many pink cupcakes. It is a cautionary tale about overeating, following rules, and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Or maybe it's just about really loving the color pink.  Probably the latter.  Anyway, somebody somewhere decided that it would be a good idea to add a musical soundtrack and put on a live version of the thing.  So we decided to go see it.


We arrived pretty early since it was open seating, so we had to wait for a super long time for the show to start.  Luckily Nana spoiled the girls with ring pops, glow-in-the-dark-bracelets and candy necklaces while we waited.  It's all about the accessories, right Nana?  Teach 'em young, that's what I say.


Anyway, the show was really cute.  I especially liked the parts with the younger brother, although I don't really remember him being that questionably effeminate in the book.  Maybe I need to reread it now that I have more background.  I thought the songs were cute too. Also, I now know lots of words that rhyme with pink, and that could certainly come in handy someday. For example, if I'm ever in a rap battle with Strawberry Shortcake.

After it was over, we decided to join the line to meet Pinkalicious herself.  Ashley was equal parts excited by the prospect of meeting Pinkalicious and outraged that she had to wait in line in order to do so.  At one point she ditched me and joined another family via cutsies.  I reclaimed her though and reminded her in the wise words of Yo Gabba Gabba that "It's only fair, to wait your turn!"  And then I was grateful that she was only cutting in line and not biting her friends, because that's a more awkward song to sing in public.


Then after all that was over, we went out for cupcakes.  Because that's what you do just after you see a play about turning pink after eating too many cupcakes.  "Don't eat cupcakes, they'll turn you pink!"  "Do eat cupcakes, they're delicious!"  "Don't eat them!"  "Do eat them!"  "They're bad!"  "No, they're good!"  Confuse 'em young, that's what I say.


But we'll let them work that out in therapy on their own time, because those cupcakes were dang delicious.  I think the place we went might be my new favorite place in town - Jones Bros. Cupcakes.  It even made me want to cheat on the Big Cookie, and that's really saying something.

On the way back home, Ashley started begging to go to the park.  And I said something like "Ashley, look at all the fun things we did today!  The play, the cupcakes, the accessories...why are you never happy?  If you're just going to get mad at me no matter what we do, maybe we should just stay home on the couch all day." 

And she said, "But mommy, I promise I won't get mad at the park." 

Someday I will win.  I just know it.



Annette said...

Hi Megan, I just wanted to send you an award...

Happy Weekend!

Sadia said...


Add ballet, and it's all my daughters' favourite things rolled into one. I'm so jealous.

And yeah, we'll never win. Ever.

Liz said...

ok, so i must really suck as a girl mom because i have no idea what this is. although i'm taking kate to see disney on ice in a couple weeks - that has to count for something, right?

BranderPaul said...

you are the best Mommy EVER!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that I have no idea what Pinkalicious is, so I thank you for opening my eyes to this phenomenon. Nana rocks for bringing accessories/treats! Does this Pinkalicious person turn pink after eating pink cupcakes? Just wondering because you gave your little girl brown cupcakes, so what does that do?

Brooke G. said...

Don't hold your breath! J/K. Someday you WILL! That sounds like such a fun day. I want one of those cupcakes...MMMMmmmmmm! Any chance you could mail me on??? :D

Emily said...

My money's totally on you in a rap battle vs. Strawberry Shortcake.

Brandy@YDK said...

i need a girl just for pinkalicious and cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

I am SO excited for you that you got to see Pinkalicious, too! I don't know if you remember, but we saw it in NY a couple of Thanksgivings ago. :-) So much fun. I was in a store the other day and there was some Pinkalicious merchandise. So they're really starting to market it now - there's a Pinkalicious Scrabble and Uno on Amazon, too. :-) Great pictures!

Belle n' Kent said...

She's a feisty little one, isn't she! Wonder who she got THAT from? ;)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I'm laughing at her comment about the think she might just have have inherited a little lawyerly wisdom? :)