Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Date Night Challenge: Pizza and a Puzzle

Guess what time it is!?!?  That's right, it's time for another...

Date Night Challenge!!!


If this is your first time reading about "Date Night Challenge", check out my Features Page for all the background.  And if you'd like to participate, grab the button and link on up in the comments!

This week, Scott and I went a bit literal with our Date Night Challenge theme...

Pizza and a Puzzle

I told Scott it would be much more exciting if we could add another "PZ" word.  Like "Pizza and a Puzzle with Pizazz!"  Or "Pizza and a Puzzle at the Plaza!"  Or even "Pizza and a Puzzle Plus a Pretzel!"  But in the end, simplicity won out over my desire for alliteration.  Bummer.

So anyway, here's what we did.

First, we made pizza.  That's right, people.  We didn't order it.  We made it.  Although if you want to get technical, we did not actually make the dough or the sauce or any of the toppings.  So technically, we just assembled our pizza.  But assembling a pizza is much fancier than dialing Domino's, so I am proud of ourselves nonetheless.

We bought that one kind of pizza crust that's already baked and round and hanging up in same aisle as the pizza sauce. No tossing required.  Although we still did just for kicks.



Then we got out all of our toppings.


And assembled away to our heart's content.


I went with artichoke hearts, mushrooms and red onions.  And a whole lotta olive oil and cheese.


Scott put our entire refrigerator on his pizza.  It was seriously like three inches high.


We baked them for about 10 minutes (super quick, no?) and munched on some breadsticks while we waited.  Ah, bread from a can.  You are so delicious.


Then the pizza was done!  They were so good.  I'm telling you, this was straight ghetto homemade pizza -  jarred, sauce, bagged crust, canned toppings - and I loved every bit of it.  We're definitely making these again soon.



Yum.  Then it was time for.....pizazz!!!!!!!!!  Or maybe just a puzzle.

(See Scott?  It would have been awesome).

Let me tell you, it is hard to jazz up puzzle night.  But we tried our best.  First, Scott picked out the best puzzle he could find at the store.


He found a boxed set of 12 puzzles, each a different size, but all portraying incredibly glorious and inspirational artwork.  This stuff was a-maz-ing.  Dolphins frolicking in pink water, a giant lion head framed by moonlight, white tigers majestically sitting underneath huge planets.  If I were a dentist and could travel back in time to 1982, I would be totally set for decorating my office.  But alas, I'm not a dentist and I cannot travel back in time.  Which is also a bummer because I can't tell my younger self to wear my retainer more.  But bygones!  

We selected which puzzle to do by the most exciting means possible.  Scott juggled the bags until one fell and split open.



Don't look at my gross floor.  We're putting in hardwood floors.  *cough* In about ten years. *cough*  Now time to get solving!


We challenged ourselves by not looking at any of the pictures so we didn't know which puzzle we were working on.  I crossed my fingers and secretly hoped it was the unicorn sipping from the mountain stream at sunset.  But it wasn't.  It was the deserted island with treasure and a lighthouse.  Which how can it be a deserted island if there's a lighthouse?  I don't understand it.

(I never would have made it through dental school.)


As soon as the puzzle was complete, we kissed goodnight. How could you not after looking at that lovely inspirational scene for two hours?


And thus ended another date night challenge. 


And now for next week's Date Night Challenge theme....

(Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

(Are you sure?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

(Am I annoying you yet?!?!?!?!?!?!)

A Spa Getaway

Should be fun! 



Agnes said...

Your pizza looks soooo good!!!

Kmama said...

Now I'm hungry after staring at that yummy pizza!!

A spa getaway? Like for real??

Katherine said...

I love home-assembled pizzas. Yum. And there is nothing wrong with puzzle night. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Together We Save said...

Oh wow - your pizza looks yummy!!

Helene said...

The pizza looks super yummy!!! Okay and just the simple fact that you didn't strangle one another while trying to complete a puzzle (esp when you had no clue which puzzle it was) is nothing other than a miracle.

No wonder you all have such a successful marriage. You know how to have fun without killing each other.

wonderchris said...

I was secretly hoping for the white tigers....there is always next time!

Glad you guys had a good time!!

Jen said...

Ok, love the pizza but not a fan of the puzzle. ;)

Liz said...

i love that scott gets into posing for the camera as much as you do!

Anonymous said...

I love how your date nights always end with a kiss! ;-)

And LOL: "If I were a dentist and could travel back in time to 1982, I would be totally set for decorating my office." I hate to do puzzles, but you make it sound fun!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Pizza and a Puzzle? That, to me, sounds like the best date plan ever.

And didn't you know? Everything you do has pizazz!

MommaKiss said...

cutest couple award goes to you. totally.
and now i'm drooling for some 'za and it's WAY past my eating time.

Ruth Anne said...

You guys are so cute it makes my eyes all crinkly from smiling so big!

Love the date, love the pizza, love the puzzle--well, okay, love DOING puzzles, love the ending kiss.

So fun!

If Scott paints your toenails next date, he totally wins the Husband of the Decade award.

Sadia said...

I love puzzles! Pizza, not so much, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Lucas and I do spend New Year's Eve doing a nice juicy puzzle every year he's home. It's a combination New Year's/meeting each other anniversary.

Kristin.... said...

Now that my babysitters have gone back to college, my husband and I should really try this!

Anonymous said...

I organised a pizza & puzzle night this week for my husband & me. It was lots of fun - but we chose a very hard 1000 piece jigsaw and just about got the border done! We reckon there's a good 5-10 date nights left in that one puzzle! ha ha!