Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Royal Birthday Party

 Ashley Belle, just shy of two months old

My baby turned five.years.old.


I find this unacceptable. But alas, I am not in charge of the hands of time. As will be further evidenced by the epic freak-out I will have when I turn 35 later this year.  A storm is brewing, my friends.  Just you wait.

Anyways, back on topic.  To celebrate, we had a little party and invited all of the neighborhood girls.  Princess-wear optional.


Thankfully she's not too old to pose for a mommy and me shot before her friends got there.  Am I holding on to her a little too tight?  My baby!!  *sob*

The neighborhood girls range in age from preschool to middle school, so I struggled to find a craft that would keep them all entertained.  I think I did pretty well.  We made jewelry boxes.  Huzzah!


I bought these babies from Michael's for $1.99 a pop, and then had Scott spray paint them silver to make them more fancy-treasure-chest-looking-ish.  Although in retrospect, I probably should have kept them plain and just let the kids color them in with markers.  Oh well, I can do that the next time my baby girl turns five and has a princess party.  Except she'll never turn five again!!!!  *SOB*


I bought all sorts of doo-dads for the girls to glue on those suckers.  Poof balls, jewels, stickers, etc.


Ooh, sparkly.  I wish I'd bought an extra jewelry box for me to decorate too, dangit.  The girls focused on this craft for 45 minutes, so I call success!  Which thank goodness, because I used up all my creative juices on coming up with the craft and didn't plan any party games.


We also decked the table out with plenty of princess party paraphernalia. 


When I was buying all this stuff at the party store, the check out girl tried to kill me via emotional breakdown.

Check Out Girl:  Is this for your daughter's birthday party?

Me:  Yeah.

Check Out Girl:  How old is she gonna be?

Me:  Five.

Check Out Girl:  Oh, she's getting big.

Me:  Yeah.

Check Out Girl:  Don't you wish you could keep her a baby forever?

Me:  Yes.  *SOB!*

Check Out Girl:  Cuz if she stayed a baby, then you would stay young forever too.

Me:  YES!  *SOB!* *SOB!*  *SOB!*

Check Out Girl:  Have a nice day.

Me:  *SOB!*

Oof.  Luckily Scott purchased the princess cake, so I didn't have to break down in more than one public place.


The "cake" was really just 2 dozen cupcakes all frosted together.  Cheaper and easier set-up/clean-up than a regular cake, so I tip my tiara to your princess cake selecting skills, Scotty.


Ashley had to do a double take when I reminded her to make a wish before blowing out her candles, so I'm pretty sure she made a good one.


If I had to wager a guess, I'd bet it involved Barbies.  Or maracas.  She has diverse interests.

After the cake and present opening (which I didn't get any pictures of because I was too busy reminding Ashley that the presents came from actual people and maybe she shouldn't run willy nilly from gift bag to gift bag throwing tissue paper and cards to the wayside), the girls took advantage of the 10 minutes of party-time remaining and ran all over my house screaming at the top of their lungs about dragons and towers and evil witches and beautiful princesses.


Let me tell you, nine little girls can be freakishly loud.  It's really quite extraordinary, when you get right down to it.  Note to self:  Next time, have an emergency party game ready.

Except there won't be a next time!  *SOB!*  Next year she'll probably want a party theme with Hannah Montana or Diana South Carolina or Alexis Texas or whatever Disney teen star is in at the moment!  *SOB!*  Although I do like that Party in the USA song.  It's so dang peppy.  Hmmm.  Maybe Ashley growing up isn't so bad after all.

Yes it is.  *SOB!*



Ms. Understood said...

Awwww . . . Happy birthday to your little girl. It doesn't matter how old she gets, she's always gonna be your little girl (except during the weird 13 - 21ish age range when they turn into monsters, but don't worry, she'll be back to normal by 22). You are an amazing party planner, even without the party game.

Big Momma said...

the party looks like lots of fun! i'm actually pretty jealous of women with daughters because unless i can convince my husband to try for another baby (lol, highly unlikely) i won't ever get to host a princess party! *sob*

and the sparkly jewelry box craft is genius. :)


Karen and Gerard said...

Love the princess party idea and the girls I'm sure liked running all over your house. As an emergency game, hide-n-seek in a big house like yours would always be a winner!

Jane said...

Happy birthday! I love the cake, her costume, and the rest of the party details. I just love how the party turned out. You both looked gorgeous by the way. Time indeed flies!

Jen said...

Aw, fun party. Claire is reading this with me and she wants to come to this Princess party. :)

liz said...

was she a disney princess? i was narrowing down my possible guesses about who she was. the jewelry boxes are a really good idea! and i can't believe the check out girl went to far as to say if she stayed young, you would, too! OMG!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday to Ashley!!! Those boxes were a great idea! And the cake is awesome. Great job Mama (sob!).

Kmama said...

what a cute theme and super cute craft idea!

Five was really hard. My oldest just turned six last weekend and it wasn't nearly as hard as five. But ten? OMG. I can't even imagine ten. I might need some prozac.

Anonymous said...

Everything pink and girly! So fun! My baby is 5 1/2 and starting kindergarten in two weeks SOB!!

Brandy said...

what a great party. I think you get to hold off on stripper pole parties until she's like 7.

BranderPaul said...

Love the pics :) AND REMEMBER.. when you turn **25** WE WILL PARTY LIKE CRAZY!! WOOHOO!!! :)

Katherine said...

What a great party. Well, all except the turning 5 part. My oldest turned 8 over the summer and my "baby" is turning 4 this Saturday. I get all panicky on the inside if I even think the words. It is absolutely unacceptable that they should grow up.

Duchess said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! Sounds like everyone had a great time!! Way to go!

MommaKiss said...

meh, 35 is the new 21, so, you it up!

The 5 year old birthday party - so bittersweet. Except for the girlie screams. Yah. I can do w/out those.

blueviolet said...

You couldn't have made that party more special if you had tried!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

That might be the cutest baby picture I have ever seen. Great party!

Sadia said...

I'm sniffing in anticipation of five. *sniff*

Gorgeous party. Don't be surprised if I steal the treasure box idea, since I've been informed that the next party is a princess one.

Mommy, I'm Home said...

Now you've got me tearing up. My baby is turning 10 next month!

f14boyle said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! Purple has always been her "color" huh? Looks like a very fun party! See, I don't know how to mesh the twins party this year, Molly is 100% about princesses this year, and Michael? Let's see, tractors? Mail trucks? Pirates? Gah! When is her first day of school?

Christina said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful 5 year old! ;) Your beautiful you know that? I always look like sh*t...that's why I never take pictures of myself.

Amber said...

I loved that post---and I totally get the *SOB*! My babe is 2 and I am always thinking that time needs to SLOWWW the heck down for a minute. Great pics, great birthday, and one b-e-a-utiful 5-year old princess you have! And could she have been any more adorable as a baby? You two are both gorgeous!

Krystyn said...

Seriously took a million notes! I have TWO princess parties to plan next month. Maybe I should get on that!

Twinpossible said...

I had to laugh my hide off, when I read about your daughter turning 5, as mine just did, and about the hands of time, and soon turning...OMG...35 YEARS OLD???? HOW? LOL....because I had to make sure I wasn't on my own site. You sound just like me. We have plenty in common!!!

xoxo Shelly