Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Date Night Challenge: A Trip to Little Italy

Guess what time it is!?!?  That's right, it's time for another...

Date Night Challenge!!!


If this is your first time reading about "Date Night Challenge", check out my Features Page for all the background.  And if you'd like to participate, grab the button and link on up in the comments!

This week, Scott and I decided to go a little bit classier with our Date Night Challenge theme:

A Trip to Little Italy

Ooh la la!  Or wait...is that French?  Eh, who cares.

So you might be thinking to yourself "But Megan!  How can you find the time to go to Italy??  Don't you have three small children at home??"  And I would respond "Si, senora!"  (Pretty sure that's Spanish).  But then I would go on to explain that with a little bit of imagination, a few downloads from iTunes, and a lot of chianti, you can bring Italy right to your very own kitchen!

First and foremost, we knew we needed the right ambiance.  So we set up a cozy little card table in the kitchen, threw a red tablecloth over it, broke out our china and lit some candles.


We were even super prepared and drank an extra bottle of chianti the night before so we could use one bottle as a candle holder.  Do you see how dedicated we are to this date night challenge stuff?!?!?


Then, of course, we got the mood music going.


Unfortunately, I put Scott in charge of downloading the Italian tunes, and he skipped over what he called "boring dinner music" in favor of peppy little Italian tunes like "Dominick the Christmas Donkey."  Chingedy ching, hee-haw, hee-haw.  Which although quite catchy, isn't what I'd call romantic.  But c'est la vie!  (I know - French again.)

Scott got in the dancing mood while putting the finishing touches on dinner, while I tried to look like a sophisticated woman sitting at an Italian sidewalk cafe.


Not quite sure if I got it right.  I think I look more bored than sophisticated, but they kind of go hand in hand so maybe I'm doing all right.



We had stuffed shells that were delicious.  We had a slight mishap with the cream sauce, but luckily our house is well-stocked with Ragu which can save you from almost any food emergency.

After dinner, we lingered at the table drinking wine by candlelight.


And then headed upstairs for our after-dinner entertainment.


Watching a Godfather movie marathon, of course.  What did you think I meant?!  Dirty birds.

We only made it through the first movie before we fell asleep. But I didn't mind, because that means there may be a sequel in store for this Date Night Challenge. 




And now for next week's Date Night Challenge theme....

(It's so exciting I just can't stand it!!!!)

Breakfast in Bed

Should be fun! 


Agnes said...

Awww! So romantic.

p/s: And Megan? The sophisticated look? You nailed it! :-D

BranderPaul said...

You are so awesome :) I love date night!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I love seeing what you guys are up to, and the pictures are the best. I can only imagine that's half the fun! Well, that and Dominick the Christmas Donkey, of course!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

These posts are awesome! I love the detail you put into them. :)

Big Momma said...

I love the date-night-in idea and my husband and I are going to try the bowling alley next. We did "a night at the movies" last week and got a movie from red box that we hadn't seen, ate chili dogs, popped buttery popcorn, and ate twizzlers and bunch-a-crunch. Lots of fun! Thanks for the inspiration! :)


Jen said...

You inspire me so much. My anniversary is coming up and we need to save money so I think we are going to go on a little trip to Italy too.

Kmama said...

So cute!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness, you guys are just to cute. :)


Hi there! First time to your blog! Love it!! Creating a date night at home....two thumbs up!!

sara said...

So cute...you two really are adorable. And I think you should totally be awarded ssomething for your dedication...I mean drinking the chianti the night before so you could have teh appropriate setting...that's above and beyond my friend!

Ms. Understood said...

Umm . . . so when are y'all going to start traveling on your Date Night: Keeping Spice in Your Marriage Tour. This was soooo cute!! Dinner looked delicious, even is the Dominick the Christmas Donkey was the soundtrack. I really need to get on board with this.

wonderchris said...

You guys rock!!! Love the Christmas Donkey - gonna have to save that little gem for all of December, it's so festive!

Looks like a great date night! Looking forward to the next installment.

Rebecca said...

Those shells looks awesome anyway. I love that you really committed by drinking more...I may have to move in!

Brandy said...

wow - what a great night. I think this so awesome. I've told my husband about your date nights and we are totally getting ideas.

Liz said...

Clickety-click, eee awww, eee awww - it's dominick the donkey!

i love that you went as far as creating a centerpiece.

Danae said...

Love it! Our 9th anniversary is coming up next week, so I might steal your idea.

Anonymous said...

Can I be honest? I actually danced a little in my office chair when I saw you posted another date night challenge! I told my husband about the bowling night challenge and he was impressed.

Shells look amazing, as does the table!! very cute

I'm also happy to know I'm not the only person who likes the Dominic song. I remember once I was listening to a morning radio show and they had it on a loop and couldn't get it to stop playing for about 4 hours haha

Dani Hampton said...

Meg you two are amazing! I told my hubby about it and we might try that too! Love ya!

Helene said...

You two are the most adorable couple, seriously!! Just the fact that you make the time and put forth the effort to create some fun at home to keep the love hot and alive says a lot.

I'm in awe.

Seizing My Day said...

love the date night inspiration!! We must try it!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure Scott would revive the little Parisian waiter (turning him into an Italian, of course!), when he took you to "Paris" a couple years ago. Wasn't there a drawing of an airplane too?

What time do your kids go to bed, because it still looks like it's daylight outside in the first picture? My kids would be right there at the table with us :D

Megan said...

Thanks for the nice comments, everybody! :-)

Tandis: You have an excellent memory, my friend! There was a French waiter (I think Scott named him "Pepe") and a paper airplane he "flew" me on downstairs to the kitchen. Ha! I posted about it on LJ though and only put a snippet here. I might actually do a re-post about the Paris date in the upcoming weeks - I'm pretty sure we'll give ourselves a week off b/c I don't know if we can keep this pace up! And our kids go to bed at 8:00, even though it stays light out until after 9:00. 8:00 is all we can handle. ;-)

Krystyn said...

What an awesome idea. And, those shells look so tasty.

I love your wine dedication. That was some serious planning!

MommaKiss said...

Oh, i make a mean stuffed shell dinner, this is a grand idea.

Anonymous said...

This date night thing cracks me up! How much the two of you get into the whole idea is brilliant!