Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Date Night Challenge: A Real Date

Guess what it would normally be time for this week?  That's right, time for another Date Night Challenge!!!


Except Scott and I actually went out on a real date last weekend since it was our eight year wedding anniversary.  And I left my camera at home.  Boo.

So instead, you can reread all of the previous installments of Date Night Challenge, which I've conveniently linked up to on my Features page.  Or, I can inundate you with photos from our wedding eight years ago.  And by "inundate", I really mean post the 3-4 pictures I scanned a few years ago before I got bored of scanning wedding photos.  Dude, you young brides who had digital camera technology back when you got married were so darn lucky!  Back in my day, if I'd asked my wedding photographer for a CD of my wedding he would have just handed me a copy of Monster Ballads.

But I do love breaking out my dusty old wedding album.   Sigh.  Maybe next year I'll scan more to share.






Ah, young love. And Scott with a goatee! Fun.

I wish I had more to post, but I told you I got bored quick.  Just be thankful I posted wedding pics instead of recapping our anniversary dinner at Red Lobster.  Which was wonderful, until our waitress asked us to fill out a survey at the end of the meal that asked us if the Crab Lover's Dinner was "moist enough."  Um....ew.


Next week we'll be back up and running with Date Night Challenge.  The theme will be....

(Aren't you just dying to know????)

Grooveshark is in the Heart

Trust me...it'll be good.



Brooke G. said...

Awwww - you two were so CUTE!!!
I got married TEN years ago and I HEAR YA on the photo issues. Don't you wish you had all those great shots at the click of a button. I think I only ever scanned like TWO, if that makes you feel any better! :D

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Kmama said...

So cute! Happy anniversary. It will be 8 years for me and my hubby in November.

Jen said...

Wow, there are a lot of August anniversary's. We just had our 8th one yesterday. :)

But we need to go out for it yet.

sara said...

Happy anniversary!

And moist...eeewwww!!

Helene said...

We just had our 8th anniversary a couple weeks ago!!! August was a very popular month for weddings in 2002!!

Your pictures are gorgeous!!!! Happy anniversary!!!!

Brandy@YDK said...

happy anniversary. yall are the cutest couple.

Liz said...

happy anniversary! and i feel the same way! we got married 9 years ago, and if i want to share anything online, i need to scan it first.

Sadia said...

Pretty pretty pretty! I love your dress!

Happy Anniversary.

Lucas and I got married in a hurry. (We eloped.) We were in such a hurry that it didn't occur to anyone to bring a camera. This is okay, since I was wearing jeans, and Lucas a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

wonderchris said...

She should be banned from asking anybody about moistness - that is not okay!!

I know what you mean about wedding pictures - DIGITAL wedding pictures - what a luxury!

Glad you had a fun "real" date - looking forward to the next one!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!!! So cute

Awful survey though... gross!!

Big Momma said...

happy anniversary! my husband and i just had our 2nd anniversary last week. :)


BranderPaul said...

I LOVE your wedding pictures :) I want to come over again and just look through your album :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely Pictures. You mean you have a minor case of ADD as well? LOL!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Possible response to survey card:

"No, but my man is hot, so I was plenty moist for all of us - crustaceans included."

Cause you know those waiters could probably use a pick me up.

Anonymous said...

What the what? Grooveshark in the heart? What in the h-e-double hock, oh whatever, hell is that supposed to mean? Eight years? That's it? Try going back to THE DARK AGES! We had our 16th anniversary this summer, CA-RAZY! I think I would rather pull out the Monster Ballad CD, than to look at my MONSTER bangs back then!! Happy Anniversary!