Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Date Night Challenge: Breakfast in Bed

Guess what time it is!?!?  That's right, it's time for another...

Date Night Challenge!!!


If this is your first time reading about "Date Night Challenge", check out my Features Page for all the background.  And if you'd like to participate, grab the button and link on up in the comments!

This week, Scott and I decided to go a bit old school with our Date Night Challenge theme...

Breakfast in Bed

Exciting, no?

After we shipped the kids off to bed, we slipped into something a little more comfortable (p.j.'s) and started things off the way all good breakfast dates should...with a bottle of champagne.  The $6 kind.  Fancy!


We combined it with orange juice to make Mimosas.  Seriously the easiest drink to make in all the world and tres delicious.


Don't the strawberries look like puffy little hearts?  I didn't even intend to do that, I swear!

But let's get serious, people.  We all know that breakfast isn't breakfast without one very important item.


Bacon.  Yum.

Scott banished me to the table to sip my mimosa after a wayward bacon grease splatter almost killed me.  Breakfast in bed is dangerous stuff.


After a minor disagreement about whether or not to make pancakes in addition to the eggs and hashbrowns and bacon and toast (I voted yay on the pancakes, he voted nay - spoilsport), we decided it was time to eat.


So we headed upstairs to the "bed" part of the equation.


So comfy. And delicious.  And simple.  Which is always a plus when you're planning a date night at home.


Of course we didn't stop there for the night.  But what else can you possibly do on a "Breakfast in Bed" date night challenge, you ask?

Well, lots of things.

But we decided to watch the classic 80's movie starring Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson - The Breakfast Club.


Which was fun for awhile, until we realized we'd have much more fun if we reenacted it instead.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Breakfast Club, starring Scott and Megan. 

Watch out Molly Ringwald, there's a new teen queen in town.  Or a mid-thirties queen.  Whatever.

Anyways, we had a lovely night, as always.  Of course I can't leave out the goodnight kiss.


What can I say?  He makes me feel like I'm back in high school all over again.  Minus the acne and the angst.


And now for next week's Date Night Challenge theme....

(What will it be?!?!?)

A Real Date

No, seriously, my mom is actually coming over to babysit and we're going out on a real date this weekend.  It seems a little anti-climactic after all these fantastic home dates, though, doesn't it?  Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure out something to do.



Scott said...

we need help!

Belle n' Kent said...

That is so freakin' great! I haven't even read through it yet! The title was so awesome I just had to comment first. :) I was going to suggest Fly Fishing for a theme, but...
What? You're not having fun, Scott?

Ms. Understood said...

Y'all are amazing!!! You and so cool. Seems like y'all have a lot of fun together. I've never seen The Breakfast Club, but you made it seem hilarious!! I wonder if the real date can hold a candle to your home dates. LOL @ the renegade oil splatter that attacked you. Glad you're okay.

Kmama said...

Hmm, the video won't show up for me. Bummer...I love The Breakfast Club.

Great idea for a date!

Jen said...

Best movie EVER!

You guys are awesome!!!

Jen said...

LOVED this post so much that I just had to share it with all my twitter followers.

You rock, girl!!

thenameisbeth said...

I want to do this now. My mom, our babysitter was recently diagnosed with cancer, and we won't be having date nights like we have in the past, so this is a great idea!

Thank you!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Scott is so cool! My husband would never do that. And I think "Claire" is either the #1 or #2 most common name for hookers in England.

Your "real" date is going to be so lame. :)

Brandy said...

so after watching your video - I pretty much LOVE you and want to be JUST LIKE you when I grow up. and where was the partaking of the extra "stuff" in the video? lol.

wonderchris said...

No drawings with "real" snow!? Perhaps the next Breakfast themed date....

LOVED the video!! No worries, Scott - you have killer moves. Megan - I was so dizzy watching you spin!

You guys are stupid awesome!!!

LisaDay said...

That sounds fun. And inexpensive.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!! Mimosas and bacon? hell yes!

Liz said...

bacon is a food of the gods! though i have to admit, those hashbrowns are a pretty close second.

oh, how i would love a mimosa right now. i just need some champagne.

Brooke G. said...

That was the BEST video ever! HA HA - thanks for the laugh. I can't believe your hubby played along with that AND let you post it :D

You guys are so cute!!!!

Sheila said...

I love this!!! And yes....you BOTH should go into acting! :)

Rebecca said...

The video was the best! The dancing was my favorite part...nah...it was the champagne!

blueviolet said...

That is such a unique and romantic thing to do! I just love it! Perhaps I'll follow suit one of these days!

Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious. Your "movie" should go viral because everyone needs to see that :D

Scott is a really good sport to let you post that. I can't get my husband to dance in the privacy of our kitchen, let alone for millions (hundreds? tens?) to see. I've got to ask though, did you buy his shirt, or did he?

Sadia said...

LOVE that idea. (I'll have to get home to watch the video.)

Katherine said...

I've heard about the date night challenge. I think we need to do it. Because seriously, me falling asleep over textbooks while he watches sports doesn't not count as a date.

Megan said...

OMG Meg!!! Tears are rolling down my face! That video made my day. Hilarious as usual!! I think my favorite part was Scott's t-shirt. :) I can't believe I didn't notice what it said until the end. Classic.

Umm-do you think we could re-enact Heathers???

The Lane Family said...

Meagan thanks for sharing these ideas. I love them!! Like you Jim and I get so busy that we forget about what it is like to date and remember how much fun we have together when we are not cleaning up poo...or whatever else the kids decide to get into.

Thanks again for sharing these!!!

MollyinMinn said...

Um could you guys be any cuter. Seriously. Love, love, love this.

Kiley E Photography said...

You guys are too cute! Hilarious! :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Things I love about this post:

1) Breakfast in bed

2) Bacon

3) The Breakfast Club

4) Your reenactment

5) The goodbye kiss

6) Absolutely all of it

Megan said...

Thanks for the TOTALLY RAD comments everybody! See, there's some more 80's goodness for you. :-)

Tandis: Scott totally bought that shirt himself. Should I be embarrassed when he mows the lawn while wearing it? ;-)

MommaKiss said...

I smell BACON!!!
love the date nites. enjoy your alone time

Cassie said...

Awesome idea! Dropping by from the blog hop.

<>< Cassie


Ron Cooper said...

Megan! Hi!

Already following you! Now posting inspiring messages on my new Facebook fan page. Check it out below:


Rachel said...

I'm stopping by from Boost My Blog Friday, come follow me too!


Brandy said...

Stopping by from New Friend Fridays! This is such a cute idea. We were participating in Project 52 until we had a latest bundle arrive but we need to get back into it. I will be following. If you want to find out more...check out http://spottedsmiles.blogspot.com
By the way I love the name of your blog...so Cute!

Danae said...

That video is so awesome! My husband would never let me video tape his dance moves.

Such a fun idea.

Mama (Heidi) said...

Oh my gosh that video was so funny. How did you keep a straight face? I would have been hysterical through the whole thing.

Love Scott's shirt and I love it even more that he mows the grass wearing it.

Jami said...

hilarious! You may have missed your calling as an actress/ film maker! :)