Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Photoshop Time Machine

First off, thank you for the lovely comments on my last post.  It is reassuring to hear that I've still got it, even if I have to photoshop the hell out of myself first.

Second off, I asked my husband to look at the post, and the first thing he said was "Shaved a few years off, eh?"  Not so reassuring.  But then he said "I prefer Megan in her thirties to 17 year old Megan."

And my first thought was, He thought I looked 17?!?!?!  Wheeeeee!!!!!!!!

And then my second thought was, Wait, what?  He prefers wrinkles and dark circles? Seriously?

And then my third thought was, Ohhhhhhh.  I think he's being sweet.  He's telling me he loves me for me, wrinkles or no. 


I love you too, Scotty.

And even though I did enjoy my trip in the photoshop time machine, I think I prefer staying in my thirties too.  It's good to be back. 

(As long as I can still highlight my hair.  I'm not perfect, people.)


P.S.  After I posted this, I talked to Scott who thought this post had the same picture as the last one, not the un-photoshopped version.  I love you even more, now, honey!!!  :-)



Anonymous said...

Whatever, you still look like Scarlett Johannsen! Photoshop or not. Gorgeous :)

Christina said...

Scarlett Johannsen, Yes!! I was thinking of someone and she nailed it. :) You are gorgeous, no need for photo-shopping!

Liz said...

you may look a tad tired in this one, but otherwise, it's the same!

Ms. Understood said...

See, I got it right in my last post. Gorgeous before and after the photoshop job.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Gosh, you're gorgeous. Why even bother to Photoshop???

I didn't even notice the different picture so either I'm unobservant or you look just as gorgeous. I vote the second option LOL

Agnes said...

I truly love my thirties...

and Megan? You look great -- AND YOUNG!

blueviolet said...

I think women are in one of their best decades in the thirties!

MommaKiss said...

wait - this is NOT photoshopped?
true beauty. that's you.

Sadia said...

I thought it was the same photo too.

Lindsay Blogs said...

You look beautiful in this picture! No photoshopping needed.