Friday, July 2, 2010

Kids Make the Darndest Things


I'm linking up with Jen at Buried with Children today for Kids Make the Darndest Things.  It's a chance to show off your kids' artwork or other creations on Friday of each week.  And boy, have my kids been creative lately!

First up is Aidan.  Aidan drew a picture of the two of us together.  Aw, don't we look happy?  Note that I do not have any arms, but I do have some rosy cheeks.  Maybe I need to tone down the blush.  And work on my hairstyle.  And maybe get some eyeballs.  And a nose.


Next up is Owen.  Owen drew a picture of me wearing my glasses.  I think it might be the most adorable picture I've ever seen, even with the crabby look on my face.  Although come to think of it, it makes sense.  I usually only wear my glasses first thing in the morning.  Before I've had my coffee. 


Ashley had much more exciting things to draw than a picture of me.  Namely, a butterfly scene. (Forgive the crumpliness.  Owen got his hands on it before it was safely magnetized to the refrigerator door.  Much drama ensued, but we're all friends again now.)


When she showed it to me, I said "Ooh, I like the cocoons on the tree!" And she disdainfully informed me that they were actually chrysalises.  Well, whoopdie doo! You know, nowadays I hear that word everywhere - chrysalis.  I see it in the stores, I hear it on the television, I read it on the internet.  Back in my day, we just called them cocoons.  And we liked it!  We loved it!  We even had a movie about it!   But apparently butterflies are offended by its use, so now we have to go with chrysalis.  Which is really annoying, because frankly, cocoon is much easier to spell than chrysalis.  And if you want to make it plural you just add an s on the end instead of having to google it and finding out it's not chrysalises but actually chrysalides, which how snobby can you get?


Make sure to check out Jen's blog for even more amazing kid creations!  You'll probably only find the chrysalis-hating here, though.


Sadia said...

Chrysalides? Really? Even my spell check doesn't like it.

You (and your kids) are so darn cute!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, wow...political correctness has even entered the insect world, Lepidoptera order, to be exact [yes, I googled that]. Who do they think they are, anyway???

Love the artwork! :)

Kari said...

You make me laugh. I say chrysalises at least 10 times a day :o)

I love children's drawings. I posted some of Bella's a while ago that she drew of me. Haha!

liz said...

i find it endlessly amusing how ALL little kid drawings are 1 giant head with stick appendages.

wonderchris said...

It's cocoon in my book too!! It is a mysterious word, what's inside the cocoon?!?! It could be anything. Silly chrysalides....what the heck?!

Love the artwork!!

Anonymous said...

They're not cocoons anymore???

You look sexy without any torso, hair or arms :)

Jen said...

These were so great. I must say, I really liked the drawings of you. I can totally see the resemblance. ;)

w said...

first of all, i must say. you sure are beautiful. i wish i could get my lips to smile a perfect "v".

secondly, i call them cocoons still. i'm so politically incorrect. and i accept that.

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I freaking love them all. I think its always so funny to see what I look like through my sons eyes lol. And yes can't we go back to simpler days when it was just a cacoon.

Ms. Understood said...

Future Picasso's on your hands! The drawings are so cute. Cocoon works for me too.

Seizing My Day said...

They are Cocoons! I was shocked they changed that when my little girl was at the age to learn the butterfly cycle!! ;) love the way littles draw like that ... no body... no arms... so funny! Thank you for your kind words today... =) sometimes my story shocks me too... he he!

Mama Hen said...

That is adorable! I love kid art! Have a great 4th of July!

Mama Hen

Brandy said...

my what a big head you have. :)

CRAZYMOM said...

LOL. I'm right there with you. I think we need to bring back the word cocoon. I can't even spell that other one!