Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Upcoming Review

Guess what?  I've been asked to review a product for CSN Stores here on my blog!  CSN Stores sell oodles and oodles of stuff like cribs and toys and pretty much anything else you could ever think of, and they want little old me to review a product.

That's right.  I've hit the big time.

Air kisses all around.

More information coming soon, to a blog near you (i.e., this one.  just in case it wasn't obvious).


wonderchris said...

How cool!! You've totally made it! I can't wait to hear the review - the anticipation....it's killing me. Like opening presents at Christmas - who has the patience to wait until the morning...it's officially Christmas at Midnight and Santa has to hit a couple houses early.


mrs. b. said...

BOOYA! i always knew you would. just don't forget me when you're famous. ;)

Terra H. said...

Can't wait. CSN Stores carries a lare selection of products. I'm stopping by from Friday Follow and am now a new follower.