Monday, February 8, 2010

Preschool Parent-Teacher Conferences - A Review of a Review

So, last week was Ashley's first ever preschool parent-teacher conference.  Or as I like to call it, the first official review of Scott and mine's parenting skills (with technical scores for scissor-holding ability and name-writing technique).

Let me tell you, I was a bit nervous to find out how we'd been doing. 

Ashley's teacher is Mrs. S., and word around the school-yard is that you don't mess around with Mrs. S.  Even Scott and I were a little afraid of Mrs. S. at the beginning of the year.  She is a no-nonsense elder lady who's been there, done that, and would likely not have much patience for Miss Ashley's shenanigans.  And as anyone who is a regular reader of this blog knows, Ashley is full of shenanigans.

Up until the conference, Scott and I hadn't really gotten much feedback on how things were going.  Since Ashley had been coming home with glittery paintings instead of cranky notes from the preschool administration (i.e., Mrs. C.), we were operating under the assumption of "no news is good news."  And like typical members of Generation X, we were content to just fly under the radar.  We didn't need any happy status reports on the awesomeness of our parenting skills child!  Feedback schmeedback.

Yet, get a little nervous before those parent-teacher conferences. 

Don't get me wrong, we think Ashley's a great kid.  But really, she's never been away from us except for a short stint in daycare the first year of her life.  It's weird to send her off to this little school all by herself three days a week where we have no idea what she does.  I mean, we know she paints and sings songs and learns her letters, but we're not there - we don't know for sure how she interacts with the other kids, how she carries herself, how she reacts to something new, etc., when we're not around.  She's just off living the independent little life of a four-year old, while we sit at home hoping that we've appropriately prepared her for what life might throw at her.  Granted, life's probably not going to throw her too many humdingers at this age, but worrying is a motherly instinct that cannot be tamed.      

Anyhoo, there was nothing for us to worry about.  Apparently Mrs. S. gets a kick out of Miss Ashley, shenanigans included.  She told us that Ashley was bright and fun and a friend to everyone, which made me smile.  Although truth be told, I smiled more when Mrs. S. told us that every time she tells the kids it's time to clean up, Ashley announces that she all of a sudden needs to use the bathroom.  Ha!  She's such a smart little cookie, albeit a touch lazy.  And no, I have no idea where she gets that from, why would you ask me that? 

We also had nice reassuring news with respect to the boys - while we were talking with Mrs. S., all three of our kids went to hang out in the "play area", which was supervised by a couple other teachers.  We walked in after the conference to pick them up, and these ladies were going nutzoid over Aidan and Owen - they exclaimed that they were super smart and I think I replied "Really??"  Because really, I found that quite surprising.  No offense, Aidan and Owen, if you read this someday - love you bunches.

Anyways, the fact that they know their colors and their numbers and their letters, and that Aidan is drawing faces that include ears and eyebrows is a BIG DEAL.  I thought the eyebrow thing was a little creepy, but apparently it's not creepy - in fact, it's smart.  So phew on that.  They reassured me about their speech too, and didn't seem to think they were out of the norm for their age group, particularly considering that they're boys and twins - so that was quite reassuring, too.

So yay!  Ashley, Aidan and Owen are all little smarties.  I thought this meant maybe Scott and I could start to slack off a little, but apparently they do these reviews conferences every year from here on out.  Dang, they really know how to keep parents on their toes. 


Shelle said...

Yay! It is always nice to hear other people say wonderful things about your children! And she is very smart having to go to the potty at clean-up time. I wonder if I could ty that one at my house?

Hope you have a great day! Visiting from SITS!

Andreina said...

hahaha you crack me up!
I usually read your blog (and the others I follow!) during nighttime feedings. I can never comment because I don't know how to comment from google reader on my blackberry!
You are too funny!

Jen said...

Parent teacher conferences are nerve racking. We have one coming up soon too. I can't imagine what we are going to here.

mrs. b. said...

haha! love this! way to go mom and dad!

drawing eyebrows, you say? that *is* smart!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, your boys are drawing faces?! Audrey drew (what appeared to be in my mommy imagination) Santa back at Christmas time, but it's never happened again, so it might be a fluke. Impressive that they're so advanced...and now I need to worry about my kids.

Glad Ashley (or should I say, you and Scott?) did well during Parent-Teacher! :D

Megan said...

Tandis: Don't worry - this is the same Aidan that passes the time by eating green crayons. He's not going to be enrolled in genius school anytime soon. ;-)

Danae said...

That's so true. We are so invested in our kids, that it really does feel like our parenting skills are called in for a review every few months. And it's hilarious when you have one child in 1st grade (who reads exceptionally well) and the other one in preschool who still occasionally needs help fastening her pants after using the restroom. Gee, thanks for that information. As if I didn't know.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised of the great report from all three of your smart kiddos!!! We had Sophias conference a couple days ago..Hers was great..she is sweet follows all the rules...All we knew..but then out of no where the teacher says, "Now that Izzy is quite the demanding one huh..." Oh we got one plus and one minus..You and Scott win : ( Love, Anna

mommymommymommy said...

I am a teacher and WE are usually more nervous than the parents! Happy Friday follow! I have three kids, too- ages 14.5 and 7 y/o b/g twins. I had to check out your blog because I loed the name!