Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sleep is for Losers

When we recently moved the boys into their big boy beds, I was worried.  Worried that my little angels would get up in the middle of the night and fall down the basement steps, open the back door and fall into a big pile of snow, or injure themselves in some other way that I forgot to anticipate.  So before the crib to toddler bed conversion was complete, I went on a child-proofing frenzy around the house, which basically consisted of me putting doorknob covers on every room I didn't want them to enter without parental supervision.

I forgot to put one on my bedroom door.

Now unconstrained by the bars of their cribs, Owen and Aidan have developed a penchant for throwing parties at ungodly hours in the morning.  The time varies day by day, but the place is always the same:  Mama's bedroom.  They're pretty creative, my boys, so we've seen the following themes so far:
  • Slumber Party:  Bring your lovey and climb into mama's bed!  Don't worry if you can't see where you're going, mama doesn't mind if you step on her face.
  • Slumber/Book Party:  Don't forget to bring your favorite book to read!  When you're done, stack it on the bed and go pick out another one.  And don't forget to step on your mama's face on the way in and out.
  • Karaoke Party:  Bring your sister's Barbie karaoke machine!  Mama will be so pleased to hear you serenading her from the foot of her bed at 5:00 in the morning.  Don't forget to hold the button on the microphone so you can be sure she really hears you!
  • Music Party:  Dang, mama locked up the Barbie karaoke machine.  That's okay, just bring the keyboard and make up your own song!  Don't forget to hit the button for "rock and roll" - she loves that funky beat!
  • Debate Party:  Mama loves this one, because it makes her think you're really smart.  When she tells you to go back to bed, just keep saying "no bed"...she's so sleepy she'll eventually cave and you'll be the winner.  Mama will be so proud!
I'll tell you one thing, they do know how to throw one rager of a party...the karaoke one nearly killed me. 


f14boyle said...

Molly and Michael just learned to open doors today, the little punks. We are putting door knob covers on the inside of their doors so they can't get out. Is that mean? Michael would never sleep again if he could roam. He'd have fun at Aidan and Owen's party I bet!

Anonymous said...

Our twins are 3 1/2 already, but I still have the house alarm on every night to make sure they don't go wander around outside and we still have the baby monitor upstairs so we know when they are up to some antics in the middle of the night!

A colleague of mine's three year old was found wandering the streets in his Batman suit by a neighbor.

BranderPaul said...

Poor girl! This post is hilarious.. but I'm guessing not so much at 5 am :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, so sorry you're dealing with this! Hope it gets better soon. Amusing as always, though!

Helene said...

I feel bad for laughing but we went through this a few month's ago with Garrett and Landon. I was hating life...seriously. You know, sleep deprivation sucks bad enough but once you're finally back to getting at least 8 consecutive hours of sleep at night and then you go back to sleep deprivation again, that just downright sucks because you've had a taste of the good life for a little while.

I say, you go into their room before they have the chance to go into your room and start singing a beat of your own. Show them how much it sucks to be woken up from a deep sleep.

It probably won't work but you can always try.

Melanie said...

Door knob covers don't really fix it. Our 3yo just beats on the door harder and harder until you get up and open it. If the door is left open, he pokes you in the face to wake you up. I guess I should be happy he doesn't bring anything with him.

Kim said...

And your husband is where during all this? ;)

Megan said...

Amy: Oh, it is sooooooo not mean! We used one on Ashley's door for awhile until she learned how to disassemble it. Here's my post about it. We don't leave the boys' door closed at night, though, because their room has super crappy ventilation. It gets all stuffy. Otherwise, I would be ALL OVER it!

HT: See, you are smart. And a much better mama than me, who only cares about getting her sleep back. ;-)

BP: Well, you are a karaoke fan so maybe you would've thought it was funny even at 5:00am!! ;-)

Melissa: Yeah, it's not real fun. But it does make great blogging material! :-)

Helene: Oh, how I wish that would work! But my boys would just be excited that mama was showing energy for once. It would certainly backfire on me. Dangit.

Melanie: So true, so true...which is probably why I still haven't put the door knob cover on our bedroom yet. Be VERY grateful that your son doesn't bring any props or audio-visual materials with him yet!

Kim: He was SLEEPING!! I swear, that man can sleep through anything. Granted, he's on the other side of the bed so the kids don't step on HIS face on their way in and out, but still...who wouldn't be woken up by karaoke at 5:00 am??? Crazy.