Friday, January 22, 2010

On Potty Training Twins

Let me tell you, potty training twins is an adventure.  And not the fun kind of adventure where you say "Oh!  I've always wanted to try that!"

No, potty training twins is not like that.  At all.

Yes, I know I'm not a total novice when it comes to potty training.  Ashley is potty trained, for goodness sake.  But I wouldn't necessarily say that I "trained" her.  It was more like I stuck her on the potty at various intervals and prayed like hell that she'd know what to do.  And eventually, thank the Lord, she did.  I may have pulled quite a bit of my hair out while waiting for her to figure things out, but despite my worries it appears she will not still be wearing diapers when she goes off to college.  Phew.

I was hoping it would be the same way with the boys.  But once again, my free range parenting efforts have been thwarted by the twin dynamic.

Have you ever heard of tag-team potty training?  No?  Neither had I, until my twins invented it. 

Basically, Aidan does all the pee-ing, while Owen does all the flushing.  I've tried to explain to Owen that if they both pee, there will be even more flushing excitement.  But Owen just looks at me like "Don't worry mama, Aidan's got the peeing part covered.  I'm just here to flush."  And Aidan.  Aidan is just plain getting spoiled by having his own personal flusher ready at a moment's notice.  Who does he think he is,  Richie Rich??

Come to think of it, they do have similar hair.

Anyway, don't even get me started on poop.  God forbid either of them poop in the potty, so we don't have a pooper/flusher dichotomy on that behind front.  But what we do have is synchronized team pooping...where both of them have managed to tweak their little digestive systems to hold it in all day long until after they're put to bed, upon which they'll poop in succession so as to require two additional visits from mama for diaper changes.

There are good things about tag team potty training, though, I must admit.  Like on the rare occasion when Owen actually sits on the potty and starts yelling at me that he peed, Aidan will immediately run out of the bathroom and inform me that Owen is full of shite (literally) and that there is definitely no pee in that potty.  Not in so many words, but you get the picture.  So that helps that I don't have to get off the couch.

But other than that?  Not much fun.  I'm losing more hair by the minute, and I'm already  having a bad hair month so this is not good timing.


Twin-Spiration said...

Hi Megan...I love your blog!
I potty trained my girls at 26 months and remember the week that I decided that we weren't going to be able to go anywhere for the whole week...just potty training. I would literally spend the entire day in the bathroom until my husband got home from work.
I would sing songs...yadda yadda yadda!
Thankfully it was successfully very quickly. One thing though that is really common and my girls did it too...they would hold their #2 all day long until they went to bed and then go. That is what made them comfortable, so I just knew it was coming after they went to bed. It didn't last too long hang in there. It sounds like the worst part is close to over.
Have a great weekend!

Sadia said...

Megan, perhaps out twins were quads separated at birth?

Both of mine love to flush. It's not that. Synchronized pooping, though? Check! It's also synchronized to the first bite of dinner I put in my mouth.

I "trained" Mel and Jess the way you did Ashley. Tried and cried and tried and cried until I finally gave up. And then they trained themselves, overnight.

Melanie said...

My twins are b/g, and baby boy has been 1-2 months behind his sister on every developmental stage. So I plan to train them separately.
This probably won't make you feel any better, but I've heard boys take longer than girls. My 3yo son is still working on it.

Tara said...

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Megan said...

Kandi: Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm hanging in...I've been changing diapers for over 4 years now between all my kids and the end is soooooo near I can barely contain myself. Ah, a life free of diapers...heaven.

Sadia: Ha! I like your theory. You know, Ashley did the same thing too...but I just find it so funny that the boys not only synch up their bodies, but take turns at night so I have to come back up twice. It's like 'who's turn is it to go first tonight?' Devious children.

Melanie: Yes, see that was my plan too, since I think Aidan is a bit more ready than Owen. But oh how offended Owen was when he realized Aidan was getting to flush and he wasn't. Clearly he figured out a way to be involved in the process without really being involved! My real hope is that Aidan will figure it all out soon, and then Owen will pick it up right after because he won't want to be left behind.

dealwisemommy said...

We have begun the potty training too!

Hello I am following you ;) From Follow Friday & Trendy Treehouse
Deal Wise Mommy

melissa said...

I have twin 2 year old boys too :) and in the process of potty training. Im following you through friday follow hope to see you on mine :) one of my twins are a few months behind but im trying to do them both at the same time LOL

The Mommyologist said...

Potty training is DEFINITELY an adventure...and I have no idea how you are doing it with TWINS!!

I remember giving my son a little book to look at while he sat on the training potty. He looked like a little old man sitting there and I always got such a kick out of it!

Thanks for the follow...I am following you now too!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Hi there! Here from Follow Friday!

sandy said...

Potty training boys is harder in general, but twins has got to be challenging! Yikes!

I'm a new follower through Friday Follow!

Mommyof2girlz said...

LOL, wow and I thought I had it hard..and I only have 1 to PT. Good luck mama. Following from Follow Me Friday :)

Regina said...

This too shall pass...

and I'm sorry it sucks in the meantime!
But just think of the stories that you are going to be able to share with their future girlfriends? LOL

cindi said...

Stopping by from Follow Me Friday. My first two were girls and they pretty much trained themselves. My son...uh different story. He was narly 3 before we got it down. Thank goodness we lived in the country. He went pantsless alot.

blueviolet said...

I'm a new Friday follower! It'll be double the pleasure when they both get it!

Anonymous said...

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Rita A. said...

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Charlene said...

Following you from Friday Follow....I have twins (mine are 12 now), so I remember those days.

Jen said...

Here from Friday Follow! My daughter did the same - holding poop all day until she got into a Pull-Up at night. At least I never had to worry about her having a poop accident while we were out during the day :)

Kari @ p.s. said...

Ah, the joy we get out of reading potty training stories! Haha! Sorry about your bad hair week :o) Funny stuff! Thanks for stopping in and following my blog! I'm following your now too! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow. Here I am...your newest blog follower. Happy Friday Follow!

~ Lynn

p.s Good luck with the potty training.

MannMom3 said...

Cute blog!!

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MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

I can't imagine. Training one at a time was hard enough.

New follower from Follow Friday

Widge said...

baahhaahaaa love the part about not having to get up from the couch! soooo true :)
I'm training my last (4th) child at the mo and although the wee has been fine the poo is a whole other story. she somehow believes pooing hurts and her body is actually going to full out from the inside in to the loo. God give me strength!

Bethany said...

Isn't Follow Friday great! I am a new follower, and look forward to reading lots more of your great posts!

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Annie said...

Hi Megan, thanks for following by blog and here I am returning the favor.

I like to meet mother with multiples and is more fun if both of us are at the process of potty training.

I'm anxious to read more about your family.

Enjoy the weekend.

Krissi said...

I'm potty training my daughter at the moment and she's getting it accept for a few minor accidents. I am NOT looking forward to potty training my twins however...I have b/g twins and either they will help eachother out or completely distract each other! Hoping it's the first one but wondering if they will both be ready at the same time! Following!

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

I think potty training 1 is going to be hard. I can't imagine 2. I'm an identical twin! I'm following from follow Friday! you can find me blogging here:

HeatherOz said...

I feel your pain! I potty trained twins too! Potty training and trimming fingernails are my least favorite Mommy Jobs!!

Following you from Friday Follow!

PaisleyJade said...

Feeling for you alright! Just potty training my fourth and last child... doing it for twins would be ultra scary I can imagine!!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I am absolutely adoring your blog. My cousin has triplets. So anything that I can learn to help her I will.

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Danae said...

Thanks for the good laugh. I found you from Multiples and More. My twins are just 1 year, so we have a little time before we have to cross the potty training bridge. From all the time spent on the potty with my first two, I can only imagine what two is going to be like!