Friday, January 15, 2010

For the Sake of the Children

Earlier this week, I went out to dinner with my close group of girlfriends, who are all fellow mothers of many small children.  As we sat around the table and updated each other on the state of our lives, I suddenly blurted out the following:

"Hey guys?  When is it supposed to get fun?"

They looked at me silently.

"You know...the whole kids thing."

One of my friends with three kids close in age to my own immediately said "Oh, I am right there with ya Meg..." while others looked concerned about my mental well-being. So I expanded.

"You know, it's hard right now, with all the poop and the lack of sleep and the early morning karaoke..."

(Then I had to pause and explain the karaoke reference.)

"And then I hear bad things about the teenage years, sooooo....when is the fun time?"

"I think it's fun now, at least sometimes..." one of my friends trailed off.

Another friend responded with "Well, I've heard good things about the 8 to 10 stage," while my other friend who has a 10 year-old looked at her unconvinced.

"I have fun when I'm out with only one of my kids," someone else helpfully suggested.

"Maybe when they leave for college?" offered another.

We were all stumped.

Maybe this is the fun time, we all pondered.  Maybe we're just so burned out we're not properly appreciating it.  Maybe we need to learn how to cherish this time in our lives before it all slips away.

So then we decided that we all needed to go to Las Vegas for a weekend.  To learn how to appreciate the fun.  And the sooner the better.  You know...for the sake of our children.

Have I mentioned that I ♥ my friends?  Well, I do.


Anonymous said...

My hubby will often ask me: "Why, Oh why did we every decide to do this!" Having kids I mean..... Some days I also wonder. It would've been much easier, but I think I would miss the chaotic, crazy and fun times we are having now!

Christina said...

I'll confess the most horrible thing we've ever said. This is referring to our IVF cycle.
One day, he looked at me and said. "Honey, did we really PAY for this? Did we really put ourselves in debt for THIS?" I said yes honey, we did. ;) We were having a bad day.

PS-I wanna go to Vegas too. Sign me up!

The Wife said...

I sure hope it gets better for ya!

Kim said...

I had about 30 minutes of fun maybe it's suppose to be cumulative?

Sadia said...

Vegas indeed. Honestly, a night at theatre was a pretty good break too.

Did someone tell you it was fun, though? My husband seemed to have this idea that parenting would be fun, and thought I was lying when I told him it wasn't, but he didn't believe me... until I started spending 12 hours a day nursing. Then he believed me.

In all honesty, though, I knew what I signed up for before I jumped on the bandwagon. My sister is 11 years my junior, so I remember. And it wasn't fun ... except for baking with her. Baking with toddlers is fun. Toddler hugs are pretty good too. Toddlers folding laundry? Golden.

Hmmm ... maybe it is fun. Right now.

Andreina said...

You know I meant to comment in your sleep is for losers post since I had a suggestion (courtesy of my friend that has 3-year old twin boys).
They turned the lock in their room so they could lock them IN their room! Sure they still hang around til late hours and probably will do karaoke sessions...but they would at least be contained ;).
It's better than trying to build a cage, I think :)

Regina said...

Wow. I think your post is very honest. And I think that most stages of parenthood have some degree of suckage. But each stage also has it's special points- the parts you are going to miss when they suddenly disappear.

In a few years, you'll look back at those parts with great fondness and you'll gloss over the "truth". It is part of this "memory loss" that encourages future generations to venture along the parenthood path - let's face it, if anyone knew the nitty-gritty of parenthood, who in their right mind would willingly sign up? LOL

Anonymous said...

This is why DH and I enjoy other people's children :-)

michaelmommy said...

I can't wait for Vegas! You should have titled this, "Fun is for Losers"...kidding...I think!

Anonymous said...

My fun tends to happen around 9 p.m. when I am trying to get Izzy to sleep...I lie very still next to her...surely thinking she has finally fallen asleep...and then, what in the world do I feel??? Izzy licking my chin, cheek or even my hand or fingers.......and if I am lucky it all happens again at 2 a.m. and maybe even 4 a.m.........

Amie said...

i really hope it is actually fun right now and we are just missing it. Cuz my mission for the year is to try and notice the fun bit's more.
it's fun when they are sleeping??