Sunday, December 13, 2009

Young at Heart if not in Digits

My birthday is this week. I used to looooooove birthdays. But now that I'm in my thirties?

Not so much.

But aging can't be helped. So I half-heartedly try to embrace it. (Half-heartedly because the other half of my heart is fervently hoping that the $20 I just dropped on Olay regenerist night cream will work a miracle on my finely lined face).

Oh, who am I kidding. I only quarter-heartedly try to embrace aging. Okay, fine... one-eighth-heartedly, tops. The other seven-eighths of me is is protesting against aging with all the energy I can muster (which, frankly, isn't that much...because I'm oooooooooold).

But here's what I've been able to come up with so far to keep myself fairly young at heart, if not young in digits.

1. I saw New Moon in the movie theatre (twice).

2. My favorite song on the radio right now is Whatcha Say, followed closely by Replay.

3. I giggled and giggled and giggled at the "Shy Ronnie" digital short on SNL last weekend. Still giggling.

4. We're getting a Wii for Christmas and I am soooooo flipping excited.

Note that all of my attempts to stay young so far just involve various forms of media - movies, music, tv, video games. I think I'm already too far gone to actually do any young physical activities.

Except for one.

5. I'm going to prom this weekend.

Granted, "prom" is actually a client's black-tie holiday gala/fundraiser. But it's out of town, and my firm is springing for a hotel for the night so Scott and I can attend. There will be dinner, alcohol, dancing, Scott will be wearing a tux, and I will be wearing this little ditty:


That's enough to qualify as a prom, in my book.

Although there are a few key difference between this prom and the proms I attended of yesteryear: (a) there is no curfew at this prom; and (b) I actually like my date.

Maybe being an adult isn't half bad. Or seven-eighths bad, depending on how you slice it.


BranderPaul said...

ok.. that dress?? GORGEOUS!! YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK AMAZING!!!! I'm so excited to hear the Prom Night stories :)

MelissaKell said...

Have a happy birthday! That dress is stunning. Have a great prom, too.

Tina said...

Just came across your blog, this post is so funny!! I am one year away from my "mid thirties". I am all about being young at heart as well, I have the wii and also recently saw Twilight, these are good attempts!! :)
Have a good week!

Tina said...

~PS~ The dress is AWESOME, it just screams out "hot young lady!!".

Megan said...

Thanks everybody!!!

mrs. buckster said...

that dress is smokin' hot! and i'm so super jealous that you've seen New Moon twice.